Poetic Dan

I don't know where I'm going, but I like it!

I sat down with my stings
To play a tune
Nothing new


It'll do


Suddenly you
Are chirping


Little tune


Just for me


I looped It round
A few more
So did


A Perfect


Both synchronising
In harmony


Are little




Then off you flew
How I wish
I was you


Free to

Thank you



For showing me
To me

All the little things
I've ever known
that I can be


Let go of fear
embrace the life

hear that bird inside you
And let the spirit fly

Are you listening


Let go of hate
Just rise above

Knowing in your spirit
Wings can't be crushed

Don't be afraid
It's not to late
Change only stops
If you hesitate




So go free
Your self



To natures

Reset it



Living in the

Where you


Soul to

Knowing all
Will come

Ever gone

Forever more

Living on
In each birds

Within every

Will come

Just play
Find your







  • orchidee

    Good write Dan. Yep, I know. A cat dashed off, once I started to sing. it probably thought I was trying to pick a fight - meoowwooo! ya hear me? lol.

    • Poetic Dan

      Lol loud and clear
      Thank you kindly
      My dear friend

    • Suresh

      Very enjoyable.
      In real life I had an encounter with a humming bird, just an arms length away, which is imprinted on my mind forever.

      • Poetic Dan

        Yes I must say I can't stop thinking about it and I did have a buzz all day yesterday. I think it's still with me too, happy days natures way!

        Always appreciated
        Thank you

      • orchidee

        Erm, if ya dunno where ya are going, how will ya know when ya get there?! heehee. I know what you mean though. Take the No.7 bus. That may get ya there.

        • Poetic Dan

          Night bus is it?

          • orchidee

            Could be! Some wag was having me on. I tried to trick him. I said 'Does the No.11 bus go to Mars?' He replied 'No, you want the No.15 bus for there' Doh!

          • Neville

            Exceptionally well strummed he hummed and ah'ed... then wrote a poem bout a little bird.... wot a little cracker sir... not only a rather nice poem to kick the day off, but a very pleasant, simple tune that kind of goes round in my head in a really nice way..... Neville

            • Poetic Dan

              You do spoil me with your words and I definitely need more practise but I definitely appreciate the encouragement as much as you may think.
              Even more so knowing my jingle jangle is floating round you head.

              Much peace and respect

              • Neville

                my words are meant and true.. peace & all good things back at ya..

              • Joker Green

                I kinda got an idea, like people gathering to this song...or a camp night together.

                • Poetic Dan

                  Now that is a wonderful compliment
                  I could never thank you enough
                  I'll be sure to not give up

                • Fay Slimm

                  What an artistic thing to achieve - playing along with a bird - great idea Dan. Love the positive vibes in your words.

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Well I wish it was my idea but nature came up with it. Perfect timed with just a single chirp was all it had to do!

                    Thank you so much
                    Always appreciated

                    • Fay Slimm

                      My absolute pleasure dear poet-friend.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      This so original and sits so well with Fay's posting today - a really inspired write.

                      • Poetic Dan

                        That had made my day thank you Good sir! And I'll head over that way now ;)
                        Have a wonderful day

                        • Michael Edwards

                          It's the bird theme - must be the day for it.

                        • dusk arising

                          Great piece of writing today m8. All about being in harmony with ones surroundings. And the simple pleasure one gets from making a nice noise on a musical instrument.
                          If i got one of my saxophone out and started honking away all the wildlife for miles would run for the hills though. With one exception.
                          It used to amaze me that when i was hammer drilling in a wall, any nearby spiders would approach the drill... i think the vibrations must be similar to the buzz of a fly caught in a web.. or maybe spiders are just frustrated building workers reincarnated with more legs?

                          • Poetic Dan

                            Ha ha brilliant buddy! I guess some bring nature and others people, I do love the saxs.

                            Thank you for a massive laugh out loud! 
                            Well needed my friend. 
                            Happy drilling 

                          • Poetic Dan

                            Ha ha brilliant buddy! I guess some bring nature and others people, I do love the saxs.

                            Thank you for a massive laugh out loud!
                            Well needed my friend.
                            Happy drilling ;)

                          • Goldfinch60

                            Wonderful write highlighting a great occasion, nature’s sound are wonderful.

                            • Poetic Dan

                              Thank you good sir!

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