The peaceful sun kissed vibrant coppice,

Is heaven to the roaming strolle,

Shafts of light dart 'cross leafy pathways,

Shadows dance twixt trees and bushes,

Swallows swoop flying wild and free,

Blue sky displayed just feathered cloud,

Loves emotions stir the heartbeat,

Eventide comes to call,


Just time to cross the stile,reach lakeside,

Where a Mother Swan glides with her Cygnets,

The blood red sunset beyond the hilltop,

Adds a tinge of colour to her pearl plumage,

Fox cubs play round an old oak tree,

As Roe Deer slake their evening thirst,

Differing shades of green abound,

He marvels imagery, unique in nature,


The inescapable march of time,

Takes it's toll this precious day,

As dusk unfolds the sun is gone,

A gold full moon lights up the sky,

Highlighting a night time summer shower,

Another twist in quirky nature,

The stroller listens to the gentle rain,

And late this night he drifts away.








  • SerenWise

    Beautiful use of language, nicely written

    • moordykspot2

      Thank you SerenWise too take time out to comment I appreciate it.


      Welcome FRIEND and thanks for your first Poem. A very elegant Structure ~ Three balanced free verse Octets (with a hint of rhyme !) and excellent use of language to visualise the title ~ EVENTIDE ! It is very readable and recitable as a good Poem should be !
      Verse 1. Sets the scene with the setting Sun !
      Verse 2. The wildlife of the countryside are highlighted busy as their day ends and we glimpse the beauty of natures imagery !
      Verse 3. Brother Sun yields pride of place to Sister Moon as the gentle rain falls and our narator drifts into the night !
      This is excellent ~ one of the best Poems (on this site) we have read today ~ more please !
      Blessings & Peace & Joy
      Yours Brian & Angela 🧡🧡
      Please check our site ~ Thanks

      • moordykspot2

        Thankyou both for you response. I will take note of your comments and strive to attain a decent standard.I already know I can learn a lot from this avenue. I do write for my own pleasure but if I can provide some joy and peace to others then thats a bonus. Still finding my way around this site I will request your friendship when I find out how. I am a simple person. Thanks again

      • Goldfinch60

        Very well crafted words and the visualisation is great, I was with you watching Nature's glory throughout that day.
        Welcome to MPS.

        • moordykspot2

          Than you Goldfinch60 I do already know of some of your work and look forward to reading more of it on this site. Still finding my way around Hope to request your friendship when I find out how. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

        • Suresh

          Your words are the color, that you used to draw a memorable portrait of nature.

          • moordykspot2

            Thank you for taking the tome out to comment Suresh I appreciate it

          • Fay Slimm.

            Eventide comes to central stage in this account of nature's varied activities as sun starts to sink ..........I love the vision of fox cubs around an old tree and Roe Deer drinking in evening's peace........ a truly inspiring read and thank you for sharing it - am looking forward to reading more of your work.

            • moordykspot2

              I love your work my friend as you know. If I can come anywhere near your standards in the fullness of time then I shall be a happy chappy. Thank you for your comment I appreaciate it.

            • Poetic Dan

              Brilliantly done, it felt so refreshing!
              Much appreciated

              • moordykspot2

                Thank you for commenting my friend I am pleased you were able to Enjoy Eventide. A real bonus for me Thank you

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