Michael Edwards



Little boy blue come blow your horn

the sheep’s in the meadow the maid’s in the corn

but where is the boy who plays with the maid:

‘He’s lying there with her getting laid’.

Will you disturb them?  ‘Consider it done

three in the corn – just think of the fun ’



  • Goldfinch60

    Woof, woof!
    Good one Michael - back in the day eh?

    Good artwork as well.

  • Suresh

    At last some fun

    • Michael Edwards

      We need it on this site - it can get very depressing at times with all the 'Woe Is Me' writes - thanks Suresh.

    • Joker Wood

      Is there going to be a book with this?
      That's what I was thinking of when I read the poem...like it's a part of a book, or it's going to be.

    • orchidee

      Now Goldie's Fido is barking as well! I sort of knew this would end up as a roll in the hay. All this stuff is not getting the reaping of the corn done, ya know! Woof! lol.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ha ha - adult nursery rhymes sure leave a smile on my morning face - mucho thanks and great artwork again Michael.

      • Michael Edwards

        Yes I also love a bit of bawdy but there are some that go too far venturing on the vulgar - do tell me if ever I overstep the mark. Thanks Fay.

      • dusk arising

        There's something symbolic
        about a threesome frolic.

        Kicking the day off with a fun write from you.

        • Michael Edwards

          Oh for those days with a rompworthy lass
          at my age it's sadly all in the past.

          • dusk arising

            Ha ha ha... at age 67 thats a new one on me.... 'my dear you're absolutely rompworthy'

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          • LaurašŸŒ»


            The utilization of double-entendre worked well with your write! Good job!

            Love the artwork! It looks familiar. Have you posted it before?


            • Michael Edwards

              Yes sadly I've run out of new stuff to post. So I'm recycling - thanks Laura.

            • Neville

              naughty but nice & certainly enjoyed...

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