A Stroll through the Willows

A Stroll through the Willows


Under the sun of a brisk spring day

with small clouds wandering in blue skies

we walked among The Willows

our ocean-side park.

With the clarity of the spring air

we walked to strengthen her rebuilt knee.

We passed the common green

the Tennis, and Basketball courts

near the picnic areas beneath the trees

to the bench-lined walking path

that follows the coast as the park juts out into the sea.

We sat and listened to the seagulls squawk

the politicians of the ocean

making noise with only their self-interest at heart.

We noticed an ant-eater and an alligator’s head

being shaped by the clouds

only to fall victim to the sailor’s wind.

Across the harbor spanned the bridge

that joins us to our neighboring town.

On the far side we saw the marina

and the hundreds of vinyl-wrapped boats

waiting to be launched

three beaches there on the far side also wait

for warmer weather and children free of school.

We too shall wait, for all those things.

As we walked again, we passed the yacht club

Its moorings were set, but the seasonal  landings

had not yet been installed

(They have to be hauled from their winter storage )

Life too, has landing spots that need hauling.

We made our way past the fishing and docking pier

out to the point and a view of the harbor islands.

We sat for a spell and wondered

what life would have been like when

those islands were the playgrounds for Boston’s  elite.

They came for the Casino and not much more.

That’s all gone now.

One of the islands is inhabited

and the others are for recreational use only.

We headed back in, and the smell of popcorn

pulled us to restaurant row

(not like it used to be so long ago).

We stopped for our favorite snacks

and talked with some friends

then walked past the old carousel

and the other kiddie rides as well.

We passed the arcades

so popular with the young

who were now on spring break

and then we headed back …




  • Michael Edwards

    Some read - it had me hooked.

  • Goldfinch60

    Super write, I was walking with you. You certainly nailed it with your words
    "We sat and listened to the seagulls squawk
    the politicians of the ocean"

  • Jo March

    It is such a beautiful poem. I felt that you took me along on this lovely walk. I imagined everything you did and saw on this walk. It was such a pleasure to read. I particularly enjoyed these lines: Life too, has landing spots that need hauling... what life would have been like when those islands were the playgrounds for Boston’s elite. They are so beautiful, so moving -- life unfolding before my eyes at a glance. Thank you so much for this lovely poem.

  • Neville

    I was with you all the way.. what a delightful and easy stroll you took me on just now... thank you for that my friend


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