COFFEE A LA MODE ~ A Sonnet in Internal Rhyme ~ ANGELA & BRIAN




COFFEE ~ COFFEE everywhere ~ anywhere I go

My SISTERS a BARRISTA  ~ So I should surely know !

LATTE ~ is mainly Milk ~ tastes like Silk

AMERICANO ~ rather bitter tastes like Old Mechano !

ESPRESSO ~ cool ~ but rather less so

BREVE ~ quite strong and a rather nice bevvy !

FLAT WHITE ~ mainly Milk ~ good at Night

CAPPUCINO ~ Favorite drink of Al Martino !

MOCHA ~ Coffee & Chocolate ~ quite a shocker 

CAFFE ALOGATO ~ Vanilla Ice ~ yummy very nice !

GELATO ~ Three quarters MILK ~ a Kindergarto 

MACHIATO ~ double espresso ~ very smarto !

CAFE AU LAIT ~ French for Milky Coffee ~ so they say

COFFEE ICED ~ on a Hot Day ~ very nice !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love A & B  🧡🧡🧡


COFFEE is a universal perk and a BILLION DOLLAR Industry

especially if you include all the Coffee Making gadgets that

come with it. The best Countries for Perfect Coffee every time

are Holland & Italy !  In the USA if you ask for a COFFEE your

server has to go through the whole list (same with EGGS !).

Quicker just to ask for an ESPRESSO & SUNNY SIDE UP ! Also

in the USA the *Bottomless Cup* means just that and My Friend

JACK ~ drank SEVEN & ONE TO TAKE in McDONALDS in Denver

Colorado.  BILL BRYSON said all the Coffee in the US is now

STARBUCKS which means you can get a GOOD cup of Coffee

anywhere but nowhere can you get a Great Cup of Coffee  🧡🧡🧡



  • orchidee

    Good write B&A. Pot of tea for me please!


      Thanks UNCLE STEVE ~ I had you down as a TEA POT ! Pleased you enjoyed the Coffee nevertheless ! We are discussing TEA tomorrow please check when posted !
      Blessings & JOY with your Playmate FIDO
      Love in the Spirit ~ ANGELA & BRIAN

    • ForeverJesus6

      Mmmmm, another piece about coffee. I usually drink mine black. However, sometimes I'll have a white chocolate mocha. My favorite coffee comes from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.
      Great piece
      Coffee is a true gift.
      Persistence is key

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        THANKS DINO ~ BRIAN HERE ~ Yes CAFE NEGRO (NOIRE) does retain all the flavour and I find when Im in the USA I can drink El Cafe Columbiano ~ Black & without Sugar becaus it is weaker than in the UK. That way one gets the real Coffee Flavour. My sister works in a Dellicatessen as a Grinder & a Barrista and she assured me that that taste of a Sugerless Black Coffee does reflect its Country of Origin. When she brings me beans or ground coffee she always states Country of Origin. Jamaica Blue Mountain is the BEST ! Our Poem tomorrow is all about TEA ~ where Country of Origin is paramount. Please check.
        Blessings & LOVE in the LORD
        Yours BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write but I will argue with you on the taste of Americano - Gods nectar!

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks for your comment UNCLE ANDY ! I drink Americano (which is generally served~ de rigeur ~ in Fast Food Restaurants in the US & UK) without milk or sugar ~ and it has (to my pallet a slightly metallic taste ~ like licking mechano !) with a sweetner it is OK. I also like liquer ( especially BAILLYS) Coffee !
          Blessings & Many Perks to You & Joyce
          Love in the SPIRIT ~ Angela & Brian ~ 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

        • Fay Slimm.

          Thanks so much for outlining the different coffees - I have learnt much from your sonnet today dear duo - -- - it is a drink that when taken in moderation has many health benefits - an informative read and thank you for sharing it.......

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            THANKS FAY ~ Pleased you enjoyed it and found it informative ! My SISTER runs a Coffee Shop and she directed me to the poster which she thought could be encpsulated into a POEM to give me a TRILOGY of COCOA ~ COFFEE ~ TEA. Tea tomorrow please check ! Because of the high CAFFEINE content ~ FOUR CUPS max per day. Of course you can get DECAF COFFEE which is a bit like drinking non-alcoholic wine !
            BLESSINGS & LOVE
            BRIAN & ANGELA🧡🧡🧡🧡

          • moordykspot2

            Good Write Not a great advocate of coffee I use little packets for mine. Perhaps after reading your observations I should branch out a little Thank you

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Sorry MOORDY ~ Weve sent our REPLY as a comment ~ please check ~ YOURS A & B !

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Thanks MOORDY ~ The Poem is essentially about the different styles of serving Coffee in the CUP ! It focuses on the ratio *Coffee disolved in water* to added water ~ milk ~ cream ~ ice cream etc. The initial *Coffee dissolved in water* can of course come from ~ a little packet ~ a jar ~ a bottle (CAMP) ~ beans (ground) or grains etc. Hope thats clear !
              Blessings & Peace
              Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

            • Suresh

              Gave up coffee three decades ago, now during mild tea.

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                AMEN SURESH ! Please check our POEM today and you will see you made the right choice ! Coffee is an adiction ~ TEA is a cure all !
                BLESSINGS & FINE CUPPA CHAR 3 times a DAY
                Yours BRIAN & ANGELA ~ 🧡🧡🧡🧡

              • Michael Edwards

                I'm afraid I'm not a lover of the various coffees served in modern coffee houses - I much prefer the only proper way to serve coffee - in a cafetiere (natural infusion - not forced through a machine) - unadulterated with the full flavour of the original bean. Talking of beans I do like the true mocha coffee - from Lebanon - a variety of the arabica bean. I avoid places like Costas - go in and ask what coffees they have and all they know are the methods of preparation - they haven't a clue where the beans come from or what variety they are. Anyway a fine write and sorry for the late comment.

                • ANGELA & BRIAN

                  Thanks UNCLE MIKE ~ It is Thursday always a day for a full comment ! YES YES YES ! We always use a CAFETIERE (good word) and fresh ground COFFEE (Jamacia Blue Mountain is our fave !). We do buy beans & grind ! At College we only charge Seniors 50p for CAFETIERE COFFEE and still make a SMALL PROFIT ~ I (BRIAN) object to paying £3 for an inferior Cup of Coffee with a Cream Heart on top. Some BARRISTAS (like my Sisiter) do know their beans but most dont. In my post today on *GODS own CUPPA ~ TEA* the emphasis is on the TEA BUSH so it is much more specific originwise than Coffee. If you book Afternoon Tea in a Decent (UK) Hotel (£25+) They bring you the leaf to scent & savour before they BREW UP ~ AMEN
                  Blessings ~ Peace & Joy
                  Yours BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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