Andrew Charles Forrest

We should meet more people not like us

We should meet more people not like us



All antonyms have synonyms

So I think to myself ... “what’s wrong”?

With synonyms and antonyms

Why can’t we get along?


  • L. Wolfe

    I love this!! Great job

  • FineB

    Hello Andrew,

    A wonderful poem. Thank you and so true.

    Meeting people different to ourselves is a wonderful voyage of self discovery and self realisation. A voyage which at times we are too scared to undertake.

    Keep writing FineB.

  • Michael Edwards

    Why can't we disallow apart? Got me thinking.

    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      Why Can't we?
      Why don't we?
      Thanks Michael how's the open studio going

      • Michael Edwards

        Just closed up shop. Not so good as yesterday but did okay with some potential commissions on their way. Now completely knackered - late Sunday lunch (now Sunday dinner) in the oven and after it's crash out time.

      • Poetic Dan

        Yes! I did a piece once called antagonistic vs autonomous
        Of not for those people I would not of grown
        Great stuff
        Thank you
        Much appreciated

      • orchidee

        Good write Andrew. Yes, I know. I keep meeting myself coming back from the shops, on my way there! lol.
        Erm, I not quite got the hang of what you meant. WeIl, I have really. It's just me being daft!

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Thanks ANDREW ~ BRIAN HERE ! I have been a Prison Visitor (Liverpool) and worked with the YMCA and teaching Applied Science to Special Needs students. Also I teach Applied Sciece in a Vocational College. So every day I meet POEPLE who are not in my normal sphere of *Friends* I also travel a lot ! To me this is what makes life worthwhile to share time & space with a very wide range of People of different ~ Class ~ Culture ~ Creed ~ Colour etc. Having been raised in Liverpool one was raised in a very Multiethnic & Multicultural Society so it makes one very tolerant in the UK's increasingly Multicultural Society . The Church I attend has wide range of Nationalities & Class so it is a good environment to be *All things to All Men* SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS . Thanks for sharing & caring !

        Blessings & Peace & Joy
        Your as always BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • Suresh

        "OPPOSITES ATTRACT" this attraction is exploration, getting out of our comfort zone (initially entrapped by love).
        But as you asked, we need to get along for eternity (or at least for much longer)

      • dusk arising

        I second that emotion, so long as they are equally receptive.

        Bring on the aliens.

      • Goldfinch60

        They do get along because surely opposites attract.

      • Neville

        enjoyed and muchly so Andrew sir...


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