Are you crying?

Even though they said

Everything will be all right

And for a moment you were soothed

Now it's night

And dark

And you realize the truth

That at the end of the day

Troubles don't just go away

But often stay

Forcing us to mold lives

Around these worrisome guests

Until their wants and needs 

Have been addressed


  • Poetic Dan

    Rum d mc taught me how to walk this way! And that's the ways it is ;)

    Fantastic words and song
    Thank you

    • Poetic Dan

      Luck I knew the song as they just restricted me from playing it!

    • Lorna

      And that's the way it is......... oh well.

    • Laura


      Wow...you just hit the nail on the head with your poem! That’s exactly what I was referring to the other day! Thank you for sharing what I couldn’t! ....
      ...and you’re spot on with...
      “Just the way it is.............”


      • Lorna

        Dear L ... I literally threw this one together so it must have been what was floating at the top of my head. I'm glad you like....... I hope your troubles do go away.

        • Laura

          Thank you my friend!🤗

        • Neville

          we all have them, but ya gotta keep on smilin...

          I was only playing Mona Bone Jakon yesterday.... Neville

        • dusk arising

          THats how it is right enough. We all deal with troubles differently though.

          • Lorna

            Who said we didn't?

            • dusk arising

              Not you, not me.

            • Michael Edwards

              If this was what was floating at the top of your head I look forward to reading what was floating beneath it - it may be off the cuff but it's still inspired.

            • orchidee

              A fine write Lorna.

            • Suresh

              ....and that's the way it is, troubles don't fade away, they stay. Why is it that they are like a never ending freight train? Why can't happiness be like a never ending passenger train,
              Well, that's all folks.....
              Loved the subject and the poem

            • Goldfinch60

              We al have our problems but we need to get over them and move on into a better place in our lives, we can do it.

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