I Trust Not In Me

I'm sorry - 

I am not love - nor Love, as a personal being


I cannot save myself

But neither mope I in self-pity nor as a parasite

That just hangs on, or needs a 'crutch' through life


My faith is the ground I stand on

Or rather a Person - Christ the Son of God


But we need spiritual understanding.....

Why should one need to die for me?

Why should one bother about me?


'Tis for my sins - Christ took them all

'See all your sins on Jesus laid' , as a hymn says


I've had it; all is lost - without Him

Words like 'Salvation', 'Redemption', etc

All having similar meanings


Yes, I'm sorry - the answer is not in me

I cannot make it alone

Don't look to me for salvation - not me, myself

I cannot help you of myself


But point you to Christ - as in a stanza recently:

I worthy of God's judgement sure

But now for evermore

He has my sins on Jesus laid

The eternal price [is] paid




  • Lorna

    I'm sorry Orchi but unless you're a secret ax murderer I can't believe you to be much of a sinner.......... I personally would trust you. You have written a nice tribute to your faith.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Lorna. I don't mean this is some ascetic (self-punishing) way, but we're all sinners somehow. I might have jumped 99% of the way across a ravine. Someone else may have jumped 20% across. But we both fell in the ravine - if you see what I mean.

    • Neville

      Hey Orchidee, my little Guinea Pig, you should ad lib more often.... although of a different faith, this is certainly my favourite Orchidee write to date.... Neville

      • orchidee

        Thanks Neville. I thought me song-poems were best for you. Pity it was me singing them though - heehee!

      • Michael Edwards

        You'd best put your writing cap on and produce more like this (not that there's anything wrong with your hymn postings) because it's pretty darn good me old mucker.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Michael. But the syllables are all over the place. And where is the metre?! Will Miss Berles let this one through? Can't trust in me singing either. lol.

        • dusk arising

          Who invented forgiveness?

          • orchidee

            Thanks dusk. It's in Christian beliefs. I suppose God 'invented' forgiveness then.

            • dusk arising

              So according to your answer. Until Jesus arrived to teach christianity there was no such thing as forgiveness.

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            • Goldfinch60

              Over the years we have known each other of websites I think this is the first time you have spoken of your beliefs in this way - it has been well worth waiting for, let us have some more.
              Well done Orchi.

              • orchidee

                Thanks Gold. Was I too busy singing?! Well, I suppose my beliefs show through my hymn-poems, yet one could 'hide' in hymns/songs, as they may state general truths. I mean, some modern hymns now express beliefs. Erm, for example, do we 'Wanna shout it out from every mountain top?' They would never use 'wanna' in traditional hymns. I cringe a bit if things like that are sung.

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