Fay Slimm





The clock-face of midnight, assaulted
with piercing blocks
waits looking askance at my inky pen
as the witching hour stops


My mind can finally yield to sleep as
words dunked in rhyme
strung on short lines flicker at cautious
reviewing one more time.


Labour's oil now burnt out leaves me
still making verse
while shaping new notions so Calliope
I bid you have mercy.


Soon now and dawn will be brushing
my window to see
me catching some rest as todayness
stirs and tries to shake me.


  • orchidee

    Old Call will help us out!
    Erm, I thought I had writer's block until I realised me pen had run out of ink. Doh! lol.

    • Fay Slimm

      Well that sure is a shame Orchi cos we do have to be penned and ready for Call. Thanks so much for your comment.

      • orchidee

        One said to me: 'You're having me on, aren't you, saying you're writing a 'Silent Poem' cos your pen has run out of ink!' lol.

      • Lorna

        You put insomnia to good use Fay writing this piece...... I just loved the third stanza.......

        • Fay Slimm

          How strange you like the third stanza Lorna as I had less trouble rounding that off than with the others.............. thank you dearly for your visit and comment.

        • Neville

          just you mark my words.. we have all been there .... even when my sweet Calliope eludes and taunts me..... more than a lovely, well crafted poem ... N

          • Fay Slimm

            Dear Neville -- sweet thanks for being in my little corner and watching my back as rubbing sore eyes I try to greet kindly another today.

            • Neville

              am feeling similarly....

            • dusk arising

              One wonders when you sleep for your poetry reveals you are very familiar with the dawn.

              I know only too well "short lines flicker at cautious reviewing" into those wee small hours.

              • Fay Slimm

                Ha ha - well I never did need a lot of shut-eye my friend so when I wake brightly after a couple of hours I often rise and write........... not always successfully though for my full waste basket shudders with rubbish galore.............. and yes I do love the dawn.

              • SerenWise

                Good work, I can definitely relate as night time when I should be sleeping is when I write most of my poetry!

                • Fay Slimm

                  Ah - - - snap dear Seren - we both use small hours then to compose our postings.

                • Suresh

                  A racing mind
                  With so much rhyme
                  Now forced to rest, for
                  Ink less pen & bitching time

                  A true Poet, you are

                  P.S. If I could only remember those rhymes again. Oh! That darn ink less pen.

                  • Fay Slimm

                    Hey thanks a load for the clever four liner Suresh - sums my experience up very nicely.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Fine work Fay.

                  • ANGELA & BRIAN

                    GOOD EVENING FAY : ANGELA here : Is 9am (FRIDAY) and I am getting ready to take MAMA & PAPA to visit another VINEYARD and then to prepare for the MOARI RECEPTION tonight. Because of MY JOB and the fact that all my Trainees (5) are MAORI I am accepted in the Community and have many Maori Friends ! Being half Spanish helps and they love my Flamenco Dresses ! They will make a big fuss of My Parents and PAPA who is an Extrovert & a Performer will love that ! I always check which Poems : BRIAN hasnt commented on when I wake up and I like this one : the picture reminded Me of Myself : trying to motivate my MUSE !
                    When one scrolls through MPS one gets the impression that lots of MUSES are fickle ! One week FULL ON : the next DORMANT ! V 1. Most of us switch off at MIDNIGHT V 2. REVIEW & REDRAFT is more difficult than the origonal WRITE especially as meter depends on pronunciation ! Especially when one tries to recite PAM AYRES ! Spanish is pronounced PHONETICALLY and we have a lot of vowel endings so RHYTHM and RHYME are easier ! V 3. My HEAD (and HEART) are always full of Poetry : but it seems to lose it FORM & FUNCTION between the PC & the PRINTER ! BRIAN is a good Teacher but I still have a lot to LEARN ! V 4. One of the foibles of MPS is that a POEM is only higlighted for 2 days : Therefore one has to have it ready (in the UK) to post by 6 am ! Its better for ME because the opportunity comes on line (in NZ) at 6pm in the Evening : When my MUSE has had a whole DAY to MOVE ! Hope all that makes sense !

                    BLESSINGS & PEACE & LOVE
                    Yours though POETRY : ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

                  • MendedFences27

                    I think it works out that if you do manage to sleep, then you are no longer a poet. For it happens when you cannot write, you also cannot sleep, and when you are writing, you can't sleep because your brain keeps inventing new ideas that must be written down. So you see you never sleep, and if you do you are no longer a poet.
                    W.H. Auden was asked what the secret to his success was. He answered, "Revise, revise revise." Therefore. after you.ve written something wonderful, you can't sleep because you need to revise. It's all just one horrible plot against poetry. Every successful poet is sleep-deprived and approaching madness. Personally I've revised poems to the point where they were no longer the poem I started with, but something entirely different, and the only reason they were not revised again, is because I fell asleep. Oh yeah it's a hard life this being a poet. Sometimes, it's best just to go for a walk and try to comprehend reality for a while. I believe I've been a poet and quit and then returned about a thousand times. Must be I need the sleep.
                    Forgive this rant, but I'm just trying to cope with a dry spell and putting down words helps.
                    You're poem nudged me closer to to many sleepless nights. THanks.- Phil A.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    That muse may leave us only for moments but in my case I have a photograph of Calliope on the wall and I just look up at her and all is well.

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