dusk arising



Too dark
inside me
to look up
to look out
and see
that light
though all
around me
I shun
I push away.

Don't want
to see.
Won't see.
Don't want
to be seen.
Don't speak
to me !!

I remember
those feelings.

Getting from there
to here?
I don't know
how i did it.
No plans,
no pills,
no recollection really.
Different person.

is there
a message
to pass on?
Again, I don't know.
I'm lucky you see
I'm a poet.
I just wrote it
out of my life.


  • Neville

    a clever message here contained within a message, wrapped within a poem... thanks sir.... N

    • dusk arising

      Like a cabbage? I like it, poetic veg. Cooked al dante..... a bit of 'bite' left in it. Thanks Neville.

      • Neville

        just the way I like it.....

      • Fay Slimm.

        A very inspiring theropoetic read my friend - am so glad you made it to where you are now - - by writing it out

        • dusk arising

          It's so true you know, and i don't know how i did it. Thank you Fay.

        • Poetic Dan

          I read this a few times now and each time I feel something different the end sums it up so well my friend.
          As if you took my feelings and showed me them in words.

          Thank you pointing me to this, outstanding written masterful thoughts.

          Always appreciated
          Much peace and respect

          • dusk arising

            Dan it just happened. I think reading, and responding to, other poets dilemmas on here is as much a part of self help as anything else. Thanks my friend.

          • Michael Edwards

            Great piece - love it DA

            • dusk arising

              Thanks M.E. it just wrote itself.

            • Suresh

              Poets say, let others contemplate.

              • dusk arising

                That takes some thinking through... its right tho.

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                Thanks for sharing *DA* ~ much food for thought !
                Poetry comes form inside ~ from the HEART !
                For us to experience what you experience you must
                First externalise it & Share it with all of us in a POEM !
                Once that POEM is in the Public Domain its inluence is Eternal !
                But it does not stop there because we who recieve YOUR MESSAGE
                INTERNALISE IT and then ~ we internalise it and spread it !

                The moving hand doth write and having writ move on .....
                Nor all thy piety nor wit can move it back to cancel half a line
                Nor all thy tears blot out a word of it !

                This is why on a *PUBLIC* Poetry Group we must be very
                careful what we write and how we comment verbally on
                what others have written ! We should always value the
                Poetic Freedom & Opportunity of MPS and never ever
                abuse it !

                Peace & Joy to YOU & YOURS
                Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

                • dusk arising

                  Cor, switch off.. u sound like a teacher. Go humanise yerself. LOL

                • Goldfinch60

                  It is the one thing that being a poet you can do, you can set out your life (our lives) into words and that makes life easier to bear.
                  Life is wonderful.

                  • dusk arising

                    Sharing others dilemma on here and genuinely relating to them is as much a part of it as any.

                  • dls2012

                    Another great one! Yes, that’s why I write, to externalize feelings to heal myself. Share my experience, strength, and hope as well.

                    • dusk arising

                      I write as i feel mostly. Sometimes i just try to write something funny. I have no particular style, i hope in the end that my output has a flow or rythmn and is understandable. I look forward to reading your output and commenting. Thanks for your words here.

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