Butterworth Crows

Butterworth Crows


Before the crack of dawn

The Butterworth crows assembled on the wire


Like black cloaked and hooded crones

They often haggle and moan over nothing more than carrion and crusts


Today though

The Butterworth Crows prepare to rejoice as

yet another spurned lover


Casually checks the timetable against his wrist watch

Before stepping blindly from the platform


Directly into the path of the

04.35 from Chandri




  • Fay Slimm

    Your talent for weaving surprise into stories is second to none my friend - a better description of birds and victims would be hard to find. Must save this haunt of a write.

    • Neville

      Thank you dear Fay.. this was the only event that detracted from what would otherwise have been a perfect journey and although I doubt it made the local news, it had a significant impact on me ..... Yours most gratefully...


    • dusk arising

      Poor train driver. Traumatised for life. And SHE has fallen asleep in the arms of her next unsuspecting conquest.
      It's a porter's life in many ways. Quietly sampling the baggage of life for small reward but rich in his ability to move between cases.

      • Neville

        absolutely... who knows how many times this happens , only to be forgot, repressed and repeated... thank you for taking time to consider these words DA...

      • MendedFences27

        Wow! - To have seen this must have been a horror. What a great expressional mix of death and crows. Must all horrific events be attended by crows? Loved the way you kept to a surprise ending. it was a pleasant setting...until. Great bit of writing. - Phil A.

        • Neville

          told as was Phil, crows an all..... thanks for checking in.... Neville

        • Michael Edwards

          I was truly drawn in and felt the impact - great work Neville

          • Neville

            thank you again Michael... much appreciated sir.....

          • Suresh

            Our pain is the same as that of other species on a loss of one of their own kind.
            When the loss occurs frequently, the pain becomes short lived.
            I used to loathe the scavengers till I realized what a critical part they play.

            Your poem moves one from dispicable, to survival to tragedy in a seemless event - truly captivating

            • Neville

              you just made my evening.... cheers

            • Goldfinch60

              What a dreadful thing to witness it must be so hard to come to terms with witnessing this.

              • Neville

                I do have much fonder recollections my friend.... thank you for your understanding.... Neville

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