Michael Edwards

From 'A COLLECTION' (13)



So far up his bum one day his face

will emerge from his mouth in pythonic disgrace.

For the welfare of others he has an aversion

the manifestation of rectal inversion



  • Goldfinch60

    Now I wonder who you are talking about, I have two people in mind and it could be either of them.

    • Michael Edwards

      Yes I know a few and also several show business types, one of whom is now dead so out of respect I won't mention Bruce's name.

    • orchidee

      Oh lol, a fun write, and good pic M.


      Thanks UNCLE MIKE : Love the RURAL SCENE ! Back @ work again today : its 10pm and Im shattered after 2 clinics and AQUAROBICS ! Your Poem sounds PAINFUL ~ They would need a bit of Chiropracty and Spinal manipulation after that anal manouvre !

      BLESSINGS & Love to you and Yours
      Yours ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡
      Please check POSITIVITY !

      • Michael Edwards

        So far up you come out of your own mouth does sound a bit of a strain - you could start up a specialist practice Angela. Thanks for looking in.

      • Neville

        I rarely look at what my reviewing peers post.. but on this occasion, I have come to rest firmly on Goldfinch60's perch... and I aint talkin fish.. I reckon if we aint careful we could be up the creek without a decent paddle.....

        • Michael Edwards

          It's some creek to be up.- thanks for lookin' in Neville,

          • Neville

            what is it they say about number 13.....

          • dusk arising

            And when his python head arrives we shall all chant " Nice to see you - to see you nice".

            • Michael Edwards

              And we can stand in a silly way. Or sing loudly at the drop of a hat like Lesley Garrett - she's another!!

            • Maxine Smith

              I have actually no idea who it’s about but I think it’s a quirky well written write, message abundantly clear in very few words.

              • Michael Edwards

                If you find out please let me know lol
                Thanks for looking in.

              • FineB

                Hello Michael,

                A superb write.

                Arrogance, it sometimes can get the better of us.

                Keep writing FineB

                • Michael Edwards

                  Up your own is an easy trap to fall into - hopefully if I do I'll never sink to Brucie levels.

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