Michael Edwards






Why do so many poets display

so little knowledge of the language.-

On reading some poems  only today

the errors I see are causing me anguish.


Their there, where were

the errors are there for all to see

refute reject, defer deter

I’m afraid it spoils the reading for me.


Consious conscious, stil still

spell checks are there for all to use

 embarass embarrass, untill until

there really can be no excuse.


  • Neville

    it irks me two sire.. but am shure eye am as guilty as fork.. May bee eyven more sew than moist..... Nipple

    • Michael Edwards

      Bleedin ell mayte yer got it jus abowt write - Ta fer the larf.

      • Neville

        tis good for ya....

      • Fay Slimm

        Ha - - am still giggling at Neville's comment - - sad that dictionaries seem to have had their day Mike - - such a shame as our language is full of wordy delights. Love your exquisite artwork which I have had to miss for a few days.

      • orchidee

        Yes, even 'I woz ere' carved or written on tree trunks! You seen Mr Berle-Ington?

        • Michael Edwards

          Did you spoil the bark - did Fido get annoyed?

        • Goldfinch60

          So true Michael. On another poetry site that I was on a new person joined and I read about her and she said she was reading English. Her words were
          “Studying English, I haven’t wrote many poems.”
          I wrote a poem about that of course:
          Me, A Pedant?
          Andy Brister (Goldfinch60) – October 2015.

          A new poet came to the site,
          Not unusual, many join
          This wonderful poetry enclave.
          I looked at their profile
          And it made me laugh.
          “Studying English,
          I haven’t wrote many poems.”
          I wouldn’t want to stay
          On that English course.
          Or is it just
          That I am a pedant.

          • Michael Edwards

            I shiver when I hear such poor use of our elegant tongue - is it so difficult to grasp? Cheers Andy and love the poem by the way.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Thanks UNCLE ANDY ~ Love the Village Scene ! In the ORAL TRADITION Poems were SPOKE and not WROTE so spelling was not a Problem ~ Then JOHNSON (An ancestor of BORIS ?) wrote a DICTIONARY and required spelling gradually became the NORM. Modern Poetry of course does not use Accepted Spelling and of course TEXTING makes SPELLING obsolete its all gone back to FANATIC (sorry PHONETIC !) Spelling. We sometimes use POETIC LICENCE ~ as in ~

            We met in the CAFF
            An' 'ad a LAFF
            Then went back to my GAFF
            And made love in the BAFF

            Spell checks ~ unless they're set on USA (Websters) can be a BOON ! As can the Shorter Oxford Dictionary ! It's words like WEAR ~ WHERE ~ WERE which sound the same (unless overpronounced) which can led not only to the massacare of Queens Spelling but alter the meaning ! The rot set in with jingoistic advertising DRINKA PINTA MILKA DAY and BEANZ MEANZ HEINZ etc and of course the aformentioned texting ! I deplore precociousness but I do enjoy the Spelling Program ~ especially when they get it wrong and get berated by PUSHY PARENTS ! Then there are Coloquial Words as in BURNS and the Cornish Dialect Poem ~ FAY shared a few weeks ago (with Glossary !) A scoucer has every right to introduce SCUFFER (Policeman) into a Poem ~ Good Rhyming Word ~ but there should be a note of explanation to educate those who live SOUTH of BRUM !

            Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
            Yours as always BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

            • Michael Edwards

              Yes you're so right. No problems with dialect or intentional poetic licence in poetry but when entirely wrong words are used without intent my teeth grate. One of my current teeth graters is the use of the word refute. So many use it when they really mean reject. And that's only one example.

              Give it us when they mean give it to me - just basic errors which any true lover of the language should never be making.

            • LAWLESS

              Hilarious stuff! Thanks Mikey for making my day, possibly my week! 😜

            • dusk arising

              They're not on their own there. Ifor wun fynd smore diffickult spelin wurds wot eye bin yousin sints eye downt no wen.

              Grinds dunnit..... but worse still are the tirades of woe which go on and on and on.... oh for goodness sake....say it in five lines and move on.....

              • Michael Edwards

                Yus mate - the tirades of woe turn me orf awl the time - carnt they moove on?

              • marijoy

                Ihh! I fell like from now on I will need to send my writings for you to review before I publish them. Might be safer. 😂😂😂

                • Michael Edwards

                  Aw come orf it - it wuz only a bit of fun - but if u want two dont hesitate. lol 😊

                  • marijoy


                  • FineB

                    Hi Michael,

                    A great write.

                    As poets we should set the literary bar high at all times.

                    Keep writing FineB

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