To Those Who Call Themselves Atheists

To those who call themselves atheists,

I do not believe you.

This is what I mean.

I do not believe that you are really an atheist.

I do not believe that there is such a thing.

No, it is not that I am naive,

nor is it out of ignorance.

Rather, this is my logic.

atheism is meant for those who say,

that they do not believe in God.

They believe in the theory of evolution.

I believe that you either do not want to believe,

or that you do not want others to believe.

That is why you are so zealous in your fight,

to try to prove God wrong.

That is why you often become upset,

when you hear another,

make a rational argument on God's behalf.

If you truely did not believe,

then you would not try to prove that there is no God.

Still, I must commend you,

on your steadfast will,

and the faith that you have.

This is why I say that.

You say that there is no proof that God exists.

There is only proof in science.

On the contrary.

There is proof everywhere that God exists.

It is that very few people make time for Him.

Where as there is no proof in evolution.

Yes, you date back your science and theories,

to thousands and millions of years ago.

Still, somewhere your theories,

either come to a dead-end,


or somehow they always point back to God.


  • Author: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 1st, 2019 07:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: I honestly think that the reason for atheism is for people who do not want to believe in God for whatever their reason is. Atheism is an excuse, or maybe it is only a temporary name given to those who are seeking true answers. I will believe this until someone can prove, and I mean prove me to be wrong. Yes, there is a fine line between God and science, but my faith permits me to believe in both. Somethings cannot be proven. I know. That is why we have faith. Christ is the answer. Persistence is key
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    Thanks for this ZION ! ATHEISM is based on NEGATIVITY *There is NO GOD* But there is so much evidence ~ at a personal Human Level and the whole of the natural World ~ Food chains & Food Webs ~ Natural Cycles (Water ~ Carbon etc) and the complex Biosynthetic Pathways etc ! RICHARD DAWKINS ~ a great protagonist for ATHEISM ~ paid thousands of GB Pounds to put a slogan in the sides of LONDON BUSES *There is probably NO GOD* (HE did not have enough Faith in his ATHEISM to post *THERE IS NO GOD* !) The average Cockney ~ unfamiliar with Probability theory ~ said That is the same as saying *There probably is a GOD ~ AMEN* DAWKINS wasted his money and acctually promoted GOD and the London Evangelists had a field day preaching SERMONS on why *There probably is a GOD* The MAN who says there is no GOD is BRANDED a FOOL !

    Please check our HOT AIR BALLOONS ~ Thanks A & B šŸ§”šŸ§”šŸ§”šŸ§”


  • Michael Edwards

    You write a great argument even though I am in total disagreement with the points you make.
    Iā€™m certainly not zealous although I accept that many, on both sides of the argument, are. As such I certainly never flaunt my belief unless in response and never make a point of criticising those who do believe. I have total respect for people of all persuasions who carry their beliefs with dignity and tolerance and would certainly never brand a Christian as a fool.

    • ForeverJesus6

      As I said above, maybe the word atheist is just a temporary title given to someone who does not know, and is truely searching for the truth. I try to see everyone's point of view... That is if they have a point of view.
      Persistence is key

    • DeviLove

      Wow! Love how you stand up for your Faith! šŸ™‚ Feel free to add me, by the way!

      • ForeverJesus6

        Thank you for your reply. I am an avid Christian who believes in fighting the good fight of faith. So I will ask you to please read John 3:16-17 in a Bible.
        Christ is the answer.
        Persistence is key

      • orchidee

        Yet some atheists are maybe agnostics. Their 'faith' is admirable in a way, though it's negative. We all need spiritual understanding, and true faith to be given to us. I would say, in order to have the ability and capacity to believe.
        But not bigoted atheists like Dawkins - that plan backfired (as Brian & Angela said above)!

      • Suresh

        Your belief is your strength, and others theirs, though misguided we all are.
        Seek not that is beyond oneself, for beyond resides in oneself

        • ForeverJesus6

          It is important that we do seek God. Many times people have found out that their belief was a lie. Not one Christian has ever said that. Alot of different things people put their hope in, and many times it has let them down. They end up loosing their hope. However, Christ will never let us down. Once we recieve Him, we then have Heaven as the ultimate hope. No hope is better and longer lasting than that.
          Can you name one?
          If so please let me know.
          Christ is the way.
          Persistence is key

          • ForeverJesus6

            It is good and nice to have this conversation ever once in a long while. Thank you.

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