End of A Rainbow

What’s at the end of a rainbow?

Is it really just a pot of gold?

What if instead it’s a hippy hippo?

It could be anything, who knows?


It could be a zebra wearing a top hat,

Or a one eyed mouse riding a purple cat,

What about a gazelle dancing with a bat?

What would you even think of that?


Could be just a bouncing kangaroo,

Or a dyslexic lion hiding in an igloo,

Or even a evil koala that escaped the zoo,

If that happened what would we do?


A dinosaur on a business call,

A  four armed flamingo on a ball,

A crazy elephant carrying a saw,

Honestly it could be anything at all!


Maybe a tiger in a dress with a bow?

Perhaps one day I should go,

If not then I never will know,

What’s waiting at the end of the rainbow..


  • Poetic Dan

    That would be one fantastic kids book my friend!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful vibration

    I've been told that unicorns fart rainbows and a leprechaun flys ever time we say goodbye!

    • PoeticBiscuit

      That makes me smile actually, and your guess is as good as mine. If you ever find out let me know!

    • orchidee

      Oh lol, a good write Biscuit.

      • PoeticBiscuit

        Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

      • Michael Edwards

        And brighten it it does - nice to know others write light verse - it can get very 'heavy' on this site - more please .

        • PoeticBiscuit

          I do a bit of both, sorta balance the dark with the light.

        • dusk arising

          And brighten my day it did. What a delight from behind your clown mask today.

          Superb read, especially for those who will read to their kiddies.

          I burst out laughing at a Dinosaur on a business call and again at the tiger. Adding this to my favourites.

          Much needed mirth in MPS where so much is often dark.

          • PoeticBiscuit

            Honestly I just let my mind run wild with this one, I’m just glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I did

          • Neville

            you dont have to be a kid to enjoy this one.. this should bring a smile the faces of all adults, children and baby animals alike.... Nice one .... Neville

            • PoeticBiscuit

              Thanks you, that actually means a lot. I channeled my inner Dr. Seuss for this one!

              • Neville

                you did good then ......

              • Christina8

                This is a fantastic write no matter the age! Great job with this one!!....Christina

                • PoeticBiscuit

                  Wasn’t sure if it was too child like or not but it seems everyone doesn’t think so!

                • Goldfinch60

                  Very good fun write, more please.

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