Kunoichi no Geisha

Kunoichi no Geisha


Sitting lightly

In my Very own


And smiling brightly

With Arms

More folded

Than the laundry

You left at the feet end

Of our once

Shared tatimi rice mat


A distant flute called 

Discrete warnings  

Tho softly and broken

Like a bruised


While the strings of

My Father’s old wood

Shamisen each

Bleed fresh poetry


It was then

I found the daisho


In the folds of her

Favorite kimono


It dawned on me then

I still craved sushi and

Dear Kunoichi was no

Ordinary geisha...



  • orchidee

    A fine write N.

    • Neville

      thank you O..... N

    • Goldfinch60

      Trust is a wonderful thing but we need to be so careful who we do trust - and love.

      I too like sushi.

      • Neville

        How true... Good man.... Cheers GF60...


      • Fay Slimm

        Your talent for taking readers into poignant situations is first rate my friend - I could feel your lonely darkness revealing a remembered loving togetherness with an extraordinary geisha who is now no more............. an emotive read.

        • Neville

          thank you again dear friend and poet..... N

        • dusk arising

          Love for sale can have many a price offered by many a seller at a bidding from the highest bidder. The bidding is not always monetary. These underworld is a cruel and powerful entity.

          Another of your haunting mystery pieces penned to thrill today.

          • Neville

            thank you .. I'm off away for a day or two.. but if you want to know more about this. give us a nudge... cheers now

            • Neville

              Thanks DA... Much appreciated sir ..... N

            • Michael Edwards

              Another top notch write - your pen is magical.

              • Neville

                Thanks Michael, that means a lot to me sir... N

              • Christina8

                Very interesting and beautiful write Neville! "Tho softly and broken like a bruised...."....An amazing metaphor!

              • Neville

                Thank you so very much Christina, your impression and comment are both much appreciated... Neville

                • Christina8

                  you are welcome! :-)

                • Suresh

                  Everything beautiful is dangerous, but what is life without a little danger, and mystery as so well penned by you

                • Neville

                  You are write of course, and thank you for popping in today my friend... I am struggling making contact as am travelling and my phone is playing up....

                • PoeticBiscuit

                  Without danger would being safe feel as comforting? Just a thought. This was well written Neville!

                  • Neville

                    Thank you friend, much appreciated... Neville

                  • Santita

                    A write of intrigue that asks the reader to take a deeper look. The sense of loss is woven between the lines here with precision. Beautifully poignant writing

                    • Neville

                      Thank you so much my dear friend..... N

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