dusk arising



Do not tread lightly your path through destiny,
nor falter along the way, though you be weakened or feeble
through misfortune or the judgement of lesser souls.
The light within you shines brightly.
Nurture it, for it is your guide.

Wise men, as 'wise' men be, offer but a clue to the truth.
As do the charlatan and the quick of tongue, do not be mislead,
for all are mortal and cannot lay before you the truth.
Have faith in your inner light.
Follow the path it is showing you.

Do not look into the dark, for you will see nothing!
Nor question why the trees tussle with the storm.
They are distractions along your path.
You cannot see that which is closed to you.
Your path is clearly lit.

And when the light grows dim, as one day it must,
do not wander from your path, for it is the truth.
Though you be slowed and hindered, continue
see it through, as only you know how,
for it is your destiny.


  • Michael Edwards

    Well this is truly exceptional and that last verse is a belter - thanks for a great read.

  • Goldfinch60

    When you said yesterday that I should read this poem as it may be meaningful to me you were so right, this is me.
    Every words I agree with, I too know that "when the light grows dim" I know that I will continue with My Spirit into the life of eternity.
    I don't say this very often but this is going into my favourites.
    Thank you d.a.


    • dusk arising

      My pleasure. We both see the light in a very similar way.

    • Fay Slimm

      Powerfully penned and very appealing this urging for souls to know who they are -- - must be one of your best my friend and would have had a decided effect on your listeners back then as indeed it will have with readers here.... into my favourites with this trenchant piece.

      • dusk arising

        Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I feel the strength of this forgotten piece today stronger than the day on which i wrote it.
        Honoured that you should find a place for this in fav's.

      • orchidee

        A fine write dusk. Though, as I say, I don't put all my trust in me. I...… well, the rest is on a spiritual/religious theme, so......

        • dusk arising

          Orchidee you hamster... i'm disappointed that you didn't see this as a spiritual piece.

          • orchidee

            Mutant hamsters?! They're guinea pigs!

          • Suresh

            I am on a path from which I cannot falter, the light you speak of, is the ultimate enlightenment that I seek, for in its absence existence becomes irrelevant.

            I so enjoyed the road you were traveling.

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