Aa Harvey

Parents – They mess you up

Parents – They mess you up



Choices – let me make them.

All your voices I can only condemn.

Knowledge is wasted on your youth,

When all you tell me is what to do.



Choices – I choose to ignore,

All your advice because I listened before.

All I now own are things I hate;

All those choices I wanted to make,

But you corrupted my every independent thought

And all those things I bought for me were yours.



Choices – do parents ever let up?

All those opinions masked as love

And yeah it may all be from a good place,

But now every single miserable day I have to see my miserable face,

In the cheapest looking mirror known to man

And stockpiles of soap for one face and two hands.



Oh my God!  They know not what they do!

These people I love have not got a clue!

Give me a choice and hear my voice,

My will a tortoise unwilling to move in case of upset,

But please, oh please, get out of my head

And replace the terrible bed you advised me to buy.

I hate it so much I just want to cry!

I have to sleep on the sofa now,

Because on that stone I can no longer lie.



So hear my truth, I do love you,

But if hate your choices for what I should do

And all the extra bits of food which I do not need!

Please!  Stop giving it all to me!

It all just goes straight in the bin,

Because I never asked for this!

Why the Hell do you think I have a shopping list?



I hate the way you are so bothered about money.

Let me enjoy it, it could be funny,

To do something fun and waste cash on that.

How the Hell would I know?  You never gave me a chance.



I’m sick of working hard to make my money,

Just to have you spend it for me.

I’m sure there are other things I hate,

But it’s getting late, so I will sleep in the bed I made…


Not the one you made me buy.



(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • Michael Edwards

    Reminds me of Larkin's They F***k You Up Your Mum and Dad. Great write.

  • Christina8

    Wow. I'm glad I'm not like that with my own.....they are not old enough anyway....but damn, give your kid wings and let them fly! Great write Harvey.

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