Andrew Charles Forrest

Perhaps, there's a reason

Perhaps, there's a reason


I am connected to a very long line

The very first humans were relatives of mine

Perhaps, there’s a reason why I respect you

Were the very first humans your relatives too?


  • orchidee

    Yes - none of this evolution nonsense for me! Would you Adam and Eve it? Oh yes! Though apes and monkeys are God's creatures too.
    They are guinea-pigs in my pic, not mutant giant hamsters. lol.

  • dusk arising

    Most definitely i have ancients in me. You can tell from how i drag my knuckles when i walk.

  • Suresh

    Yes, no wonder I live in a house made from trees!

  • Michael Edwards

    Love the humour and what makes it stand out is the great rhythm and meter. Super work.

  • Goldfinch60

    Oh yes I was there when it all started a few years ago.

  • Neville

    When ya look at it like that, it makes ya wonder dont it bro........ N

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