dusk arising

what lights your eyes


Where do you go
when i don't see.
When shade of night
has overtaken me.
What lights your eyes,
what makes you smile.
I ask these questions
in the dead of night.

Who turned your head,
who stole your heart.
Was that your secret
from the very start.
What lights your eyes
what makes you smile.
You give no answers
still I ask why.

What would you do
if you could have your way.
What would you be
in your finest day.
What'd light your eyes
what'd make you smile.
Would you run away
like a hippy child.

What would you do
If i found a way.
To lift your burden
from day to day.
Would i light your eyes
would i make you smile.
Would I see my light
shine from your eyes

Where do you you go
when i don't see.
When shade of night
has overtaken me.
You light my eyes
you make me smile.
in dreams of you
in the dead of night.


  • Suresh

    Loves pleasure and pain so fluidly penned.
    Thnx for sharing

    P.S. I wanted to say a lot more, but...

  • Michael Edwards

    It draws you in as you read it - would love to hear it sung.

  • Christina8

    This is a very moving song indeed! It reminds me of my mother who was addicted to my abusive father....I share all the sentiments of the people who left replies before me....And yes, thanks so much for sharing!

  • PoeticBiscuit

    I love this. Such emotional lyrics that really just pull you in. Has to be my favorite so far.

  • Goldfinch60

    Another wonderful set of words d a, as Michael said they draw you into them.

  • Neville

    Your authors note culminates in a universal truth..

    Your fine words resonate... I would like to hear them both spoken and sung................


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