Andrew Charles Forrest

Even This August... Elegy #1 for Teresa R

Even this August...

Elegy #1 for the death of Teresa R. an old friend who passed 11.08.19


Another old friend passed this week

Far too young for death to seek

Friends as children, but not for keeps

Missed by those to remember

As this summer ends your light too fades

And tears now fall for the life you gave

May your family now, somehow be brave

Even this August, will turn to September...

I know you’ll look down and make it so

The love you left them will help them grow

The pain though easing, will never go

Sadly missed but happily remembered


  • orchidee

    A fine tribute Andrew.
    Oops, you have put 'nut' in the last line! Unless she was very humorous too?!

    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      Thanks Orchi
      She actually was... but not that humorous
      At least not as humorous as I am stupid

      • orchidee

        Thanks Andrew. It's 'sad' I know (in the sense of boring), but I fuss about whether it is 'humourous' or 'humorous'. An extra rogue 'u' creeps in. But we have them in some words, where Americans don't, e.g. color/colour. We must know these things, yes?! lol.

      • Neville

        A fine and fitting tribute my friend.....

      • Michael Edwards

        What a super tribute to a missed friend.

      • Goldfinch60

        Beautiful tribute Andrew, unfortunately at our age it is happening all too often.

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