Fay Slimm

Such and When.



Such and When.


Such a morning when sun warms the puddles
for sparrows to bathe.
When rabbits in early ablutions raise fluffy
paws with cautious flair.
Such a whisper as dew-bent meadow grass
stiffens to upright again.
When leaves shiver in autumnal colour as
easterly ruffles gold hair.


Such lucid dawn calm misting walled water as
harboured boats chafe .
When kettles on hobs whistle duets with sizzle
of frying-pan fare.
When laggards leave beds for breakfast aroma
yet leaving it late.
Such cladding with oil-skins for battling oceans
to catch silver share.


Such village kerfuffle as dawn crosses cobbles
with work in its wake.
When ladish the laughter as fishing nets tangle
how blessed such a day.


  • Neville

    the perfect picture of a Cornish coastal village waking up to a new day............. lovely tis too....... Neville

    • Fay Slimm

      Ah - your comments are always so kind and supportive dear Nev - - thank you for stopping by and reading my tribute to village life near the sea............................ Fay

      • Neville

        pleasure and true..

      • orchidee

        A fine day there Fay.

        • Fay Slimm

          Yes indeed Orchi and thank you for reading about it.

        • Goldfinch60

          Wonderful Fay, all days are blessed.

          • Fay Slimm

            They most certainly are Andy - - bless you too for your visit and read and lovely comment.

          • kevin browne

            Tottally love this, Fay. You've bought the aroma of the Cornish coast to our hearts, especially mine because my first ever job was working on his fishing trawlers. We had two boats and worked westwards of Portland bill both for scolloping and fish trawling also. Great read and a reminder how beautiful the South West of Englands coast and sea really is. It's a thriving community all over...

            • Fay Slimm

              A load of thanks my friend for your interesting comment after reading the poem Such and When - - - am so pleased the write brought back memories of life at sea dear Kevin - - not easy but satisfying is a fisherman's living and thank you again for sharing your very first job with us .

            • dusk arising

              I hear the strains of Cornishmen's voices raised in 'no hopers, jokers and rogues' as rises the sun and village life begins.

              You create such atmosphere for a creative mind to romance.

              • Fay Slimm

                Bless ya my friend and so it is in many a fishing village when dawn crosses the cobbles............ all thanks to the atmosphere of cheerful acceptance methinks................. so pleased your mind gets creative vibes from some of my lines D.A.

              • Santita

                A village brought to life through great poetic verse. You have a special way with imagery to paint a scene. A wonderful write, Fay.

                • Fay Slimm

                  Ah - - yes the atmosphere of Cornish village life next door to the ocean is more than romantic and worthy of tribute - - a big thank Santita. for your visit and comment.

                • ANGELA & BRIAN

                  ANGELA HERE 8am Tuesday - just waking up ! Thanks FAY for a very special Poem ! We are at our best when we are waxing lyrical about our Homes our Lives our Jobs our Lovers or our Hobbies ! BRIAN writes about Science & the Environment and I about Sailing in Auckland Harbour ! You share your love of your Beloved Corwall ! Verse 1. Introduces us to the awakening of Cornish Nature. V 2. To the Cornish Fisherfolk preparing to set out for the days catch continued in V 3.
                  Have you always lived in Cornwall (a Magic County) or did you retire there ? Thanks for sharing such a gem !

                  Blessings & Peace & Love
                  Yours ANGELA & BRIAN
                  ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿงก

                  • Fay Slimm

                    A great big thank you dear Angela for your welcome comment on the humble tribute I wrote on the on-going life in a coastal village - - with the sea on the doorstep the folk know its fickle behaviour and work with its moods - - and yes I have lived for a very large part of my life in this magic county and never more than a heartbeat away from the sound of the ocean's song - -- - so pleased you enjoyed the read........ lots of hugs to you both ...................... Fay

                  • Suresh

                    Put it in a different language, and it will Be a serene poem for any fishing village around the globe.

                    • Fay Slimm

                      What a generous comment and a lovely thought - - - thank you Suresh.

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