Michael Edwards







A forlorn place

where nettles bend

and in their court

still wet with rain

from crying clouds

its wrapping torn

the colours bleached

its petals bowed, translucent now

in shades of pastel grey.


  • Goldfinch60

    Such a sad emotive write Michael.

    Still like that artwork (see your poem Plastic Waste)

    • Michael Edwards

      Yes it's recycling - thanks Andy

    • orchidee

      A fine write and pic M. Miss Berles get caught in any rain?

      • Michael Edwards

        It often Tum Berles on her

        • orchidee

          You know Tum. Does he eat a lot? Big tum tum?

        • Neville

          I simply love these words... and the eye-catching artwork is something else too.. a captivating page sir....


          • Michael Edwards

            Always appreciate your kind responses - thanks Neville.

          • Fay Slimm

            Emotion flows from these solemn lines Michael - - what tale could it tell that sad bouquet....? - This if for me a write to remember so into my faves this one goes.

            • Michael Edwards

              By a roadside following a fatal accident - the bouquet still there after several weeks - a sad sight. Thanks Fay. And thanks for the save,.

            • dusk arising

              A thing of beauty cast aside for the elements to now own.

              A deep sadness pervades your piece today. A contrast to it's title which initially gained my response above. Now i'm not so sure.

              • Michael Edwards

                See my reply to Fay for the background to this little 'un. Thanks so much dusk.

                • dusk arising

                  ME I once lived about 300yds away from a layby where a murdered body was found dumped there after a particularly horrible crime which hit the national headlines. I personally found it quite sick that year upon year people would place flowers there, a reminder to us locals of the tragedy dumped upon our doorstep. The murdered girl was french and had no friends or relatives in the area.

                • Suresh

                  No finer words I have read, but still imagine reading the card and an instantaneous smile

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Thanks loads Suresh - if the card is still there - if it ever it was there.

                  • ANGELA & BRIAN

                    BRIAN HERE ~ Thanks for sharing Uncle Mike ! Loved the emaciated Birds (Heroin Chic !) and the POEM is very decriptive of many FORLORN PLACES I have known ~ A GEM ! All scenes of *fatal ?* accidents have a special melancholy !

                    Blessings to You & Yours
                    Love B & A (still in bed 4:30 am Fri !)

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