Downtown Girl

Another year

Another special visit

To  honor and remember 

All who lost their lives...

Including my dearest friend


I remember that day

All too well


As Barbara and I headed to our destination 

We wished each other 

To have a great day

Her stop was downtown 

Mine was uptown 


I called her the Downtown girl

She called me the Uptown girl


This Uptown Girl was the lucky one

Oh how I miss my Downtown girl 

I think of her every single day

And wonder why Barbara and not me...

I suppose it was destiny!



  • Michael Edwards

    A super write about such a difficult subject. I hope all went well and that you are now safely back. If you haven't yet done so you may wish to check your emails regarding the other matter.

    • Laura


      Your read and comment is very much appreciated! Thank you!
      Yes, all went well and I’m safely back! I’ve checked and responded to your emails regarding the other matter! Everything worked out well!


    • Goldfinch60

      Such an emotive write. A very sad day and strange. In my office the 'phone used to go all the time, on the afternoon (in the UK) of 9/11 the 'phone didn't ring at all.

      • Laura


        Thank you for the read and comment! It is very much appreciated!
        Yes, that was a strange and an unforgettable day!


      • Neville

        One does not have to be a genius to know where the inspiration for these fine words, this heartfelt dedication came from...
        The event in question changed the world and each of our lives to some extent, while so many others lost theirs in an act of unprecedented terrorism... I can not think of a better or more timely tribute for your dear friend Barbara and all those directly and more peripherally affected by the 9/11 atrocity..... Another candle lit..


        • Laura


          Thank you for reading and commenting! Your detailed comments and lightning another candle are very much appreciated!


          • Neville

            you are more than welcome my friend...

          • orchidee

            A sensitive write Laura. R.I.P. Barbara.
            We had an even in London UK in July 2005. A friend at that time, thankfully safe, lived near one of the bomb blasts. The sound was heard three or four streets away.
            I could think the same - I was in the area only 3 days earlier.

            • Laura


              Your read and comments of this write are very much appreciated!
              Thank you!


            • Fay Slimm.

              A haunt of a read and how these lines must resonate with those whose loved ones met with such atrocious ends........... a moving tribute which cannot be bettered for now Barbara shall be ever remembered by all your readers dear Laura.

              • Laura

                My Dear Fay,

                Thank you for the read and your wonderful comments to my tribute for my dear friend, Barbara! She was a loving and kind human being...and best of all,
                a faithful friend!


              • Bragee

                Loss is never sucks
                and what sucks even more is not knowing "why?"
                im sorry for your loss.

                • Laura


                  Thank you for the read and comments! Very much appreciated!


                • Poetic Dan


                • Andrew Charles Forrest

                  Gives me shivers Laura
                  Tough subject well handled
                  Thankfully someone was watching over you

                • ron parrish aka wordman

                  beautiful tribute,no it wasn`t supposed to be you,we all forget God is in control

                • Chris Yellow

                  Very touching poem. I wish there was a way to ease pain other than time and knowing death only hurts the living.

                • Jane Frye

                  What a sad and moving piece. I once heard that there are three deaths for each of us. The first is when life leaves your body, the second is when you are buried or cremated, and the third is when your name is spoken for the last time. Your write is a beautiful tribute to your friend, Barbara.

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