vanessa wallace


I think I worry too much about the little things in life

The little things that nobody else thinks about

What can I say?

I'm an overthinker

I'll think about any and every possibility in every situation

Especially when it comes to happiness

Specifically my happiness 

It sounds absolutely ridiculous 

But I'm fearful of being overly joyful

Because happiness is temporary

It's kind of like drugs

You keep searching for more intense form of happiness after you've reached a peak of joy

Once you realize you can't reach that higher form, you become depressed

That's how I feel

As Isaac Newton once said:

"What goes up must come back down"

But I think my life has always been going in a downwards spiral.





    HI ROSE ~ BRIAN HERE ! In essence we all want to be Happy but as we all know Happiness is transient and comes & goes with circumstances & moods etc. For us the Secret of Happiness is to be CONTENT whatever situation we are in ! Angela and are very much in Love ~ and that makes us happy and we are getting married next Year. BUT Im in London (UK) and Angela has been in AUCKLAND (NZ) ~ 11,500 miles away ~ on a work exchange and I encouraged her to go ! Our separation makes us SAD but we know next month we will be together again for ever ~ AMEN ~ That makes us Happy. We are both Christians and both Scientists and both Young 36 & 31 and that makes us both Happy & Content ! On balance we are content because we have lots of Positives in our Lives and few negatives and we have a possibility of 50 years together and (God willing) raising a Family. Circumstances may change but we have both been content with our lot for over 30 Years and also HAPPY 24/7 ! Contentment is our secret of HAPPINESS ~ AMEN.

    Thanks for sharing ~ I lik your idea of
    posting the same POEM tomorrow !
    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours BRIAN & ANGELA

  • Goldfinch60

    Happiness is within you Rose, you said it yourself when you said you think things too much. I have a saying that I say to many people "Don't think, it is dangerous."
    Your life is there before you, you know that happiness is there for you but you seem to dismiss it, just accept it. Yes you can achieve great happiness on occasion but it is no good trying to attain it all the time as it then becomes the norm and you would have nothing for which to aim.
    Accept those wonderful times and keep the memories. Life is good as are the words of your poem. In your words I can see light and happiness, it is there within you let it out with joy and enjoy every moment of your life, each moment is precious.

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