Poetic Dan

I respect but don't trust

All of life has my respect but trust is a different thing, I guess truth be told I still don't trust any soul.


This came as a shock! I honestly thought it would be at least with the ones closest to me, it's even opposite to my career with dogs as they will give you trust but you'll need to earn their respect!


If I have a gut feeling I used to defend it till I'm blue in the face, time has shown me this battle most people want and even I could get a buzz from.


The only real reason I write, is that this page is my shield and the words my weapon, I have no right to touch anything I don't own and the only true object is this vessel.


I'm trying to trust that l am loved and this can't be proven only I can know, then I question do I really love the man in the mirror or am I still just blagging to see a winner.


Life is a gift and I know this as a soul that lives, a proud father I try to be but I question my integrity.


When I feel my paths have shown me not to trust anybody but give all life respect to be eternally free.


It's never been easy to just be me, did I loose faith in trust or did it loose faith in me.


I'll keep walking and writing, one day I know, all answer and question will cease to flow. Maybe then I won't feel disconnected, returning back as one.


  • Goldfinch60

    Trust is so wonderful when it is there but once it is broken it is so hard to get back. You are getting there Dan the times of your doubts are getting fewer, you WILL get to that place where all is good as I know it is within you. Look at the good in your life, it is there - trust me.


    • Poetic Dan

      Yes! I sat with that little Dan yesterday and built another bridge, this time I think it's actually working.
      Time will tell
      Always appreciated my friend

    • orchidee

      I don't blame ya not trusting my singing. But ya can trust it will sound like two cats fighting! heehee,

      • Poetic Dan

        Always appreciated, thank you for the consistency lol

        • orchidee

          Boo hoo yes! Consistently ghastly singing from me! Aww, why they all run away from it?! lol.

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        • dusk arising

          Wisely in your first words today you dispel a truth which most people simply miss. "Truth has to be earned" is not true because it is not as simple as that. Truth is something a person gives! If you cannot give trust, it will never be earned, you will not allow anyone to earn your trust. Thinking of trust this way it becomes quite a different subject. Sometimes you will meet dogs who cannot give trust until a barrier is broken down and then the GIVE their trust to you. If that dog is really damaged you might never have it's trust.

          So trusting is your own descision. For you Dan i suspect that in your early years the ones you looked to for succour and support were sometimes supportive but also abusive. If that's the case then you learned that people are not always nicey nicey, they can turn into devils unexpectedly. Actually we all have some of that inside our make up because we all have our own garbage we carry but mostly people are good, you already know this.
          My viewpoint is to trust people for what they are rather than for what they could be. I'd like people to be perfect but of course they are not so, although i appear to be a very open person, I am only as open as I feel safe to be.
          I'm not perfect, you're not perfect, we both know our imperfections. The world and people are not perfect.
          But think about how you love your kids. How much you trust them. You trust them to be what they are, young people who will make mistakes, who although you worship them, a part of you knows they will let you down sometimes, but thats what they are.... and you feel safe loving and trusting them for the people you know them to actually be not the perfect beings they (or any of us) will never be.

          Sorry m8, this turned into a bit of a rant.

          Your revealing, soul searching writing is amazing Dan.

          • Poetic Dan

            There's those tears again but after writing this yesterday I feel a huge Purge was done. You are right on my childhood and I went back accepting that my trust was broken and I never have it back. Its been like a drug and even though I see it in all life, I shall no longer misuse it!
            It doesn't not mean that I love my family any less but I accept that part of myself that will never trust but have a healthy respect.
            Maybe that's what love should be...

            I could go on but need to go to work, always appreciate your time and I think this will continue in my mind for a while!

            Have a great day!

          • Unsub

            I trust CNN & FOX news to always tell lies! They will never let you down in that regard!


            Ps. I shouldn’t have singled out those two; I should have said the News!

            • Poetic Dan

              Lol, yes there are many in that news stand that don't give from the soul just a script for payroll....

              Always appreciated thank you

            • Joker Green

              To some extent, I could relate this to myself. I mean "respect but don't trust"?

              Personally, I have like a couple of people who had a deep relation with me before...but they betrayed their words and no longer close with them.
              I have accepted the fact that I have completely forgiven myself and them and everything that happened between me and them in the past and possibly in the future...but TRUSTING them is a completely different matter.
              In a huge way, they have to earn that trust.

              Suddenly as I typed this, it suddenly occurred to me that that is what it means that 'Trust Is To Be Earned'.

              • Poetic Dan

                Absolutely my friend, I went through many moments of my past Yesterday to come to finally just accept this part of me. Now I shall let it be earned and not feel bad if it can not be. Love, peace and respect can still flow, even when the trust is gone.

                We are all free to be....

                Thank you for your time

              • Neville

                For truth to have any value or meaning, it must first be earned...

                nevertheless, it is not hard to understand your point of view... trouble is, points of view become skewed & clouded when under stress..................... N

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