Poetic Dan

River of love, that's now joined all of us!

I've been here before but this time I'm so blessed, to now share my birthday with more love in my chest!


Today my warrior women gave birth at home, after four hours of what I can only discribe as a magical.


Our pure beam of wonderful light took her first breath, as flopped out screaming beautifully to say all was alright . 


Now I'm floating in a river love, with a tribe like mine who could ask for more.


I thank all the in universe but mostly the most powerful woman I know, I'm so honoured to love and be loved by such a beautiful soul


With that I'd like to share with you in welcoming our new dragonfly rainbow beacon of light!


Maarii Iris Cordeiro Absolom


Born at 2:14am

6lb 6oz

20th September 2019


  • sylviasearcher

    Congratulations, a beautiful treasure for you and your beautiful family πŸ’œ

    • Poetic Dan

      Absolutely thank you so much!

    • dusk arising

      So happy for you and yours Dan. Congratulations to you two clever people for making such a beautiful little creation. Isn't she sweet and she's looking around in the vid taking it all in.
      Now the hard work starts. But oh ain't she beautiful, you lucky people. Well done mum, all that hardwork and shes such a wonderful reward.

      I don't know how many times i've watched that vid now, i'm mesmerised. I don't think i've ever seen such a beautiful newborn.

      • Poetic Dan

        I know right! My tears of joy won't stop!

        She settled so quickly with me after her golden hour with mum!

        I could not believe how focused she was on it all!

        It's plan to see I love all my kinds but my friend this one was truly desired.

        Thank you so much for joining me on my journey and being a rock for me to find the key to myself... Life

        You are a legend, to see the beauty of a soul. This my friend you must already own!

      • orchidee

        Oohh lovely! An excellent good vibes time too, if we're into vibes!

        • Poetic Dan

          I most certainly am and appreciate if vibration of it!
          Thank you for joining me on my journey

        • Neville

          Perfect and well worth the wait........

          Congratulations all πŸ’œ


          • Poetic Dan

            Many thanks my friend you have been a great help along the way, I still have not forgotten you wonderful word I wish to print!

            Forever in our hearts your stay!

            Have a wonderful day!

            • Neville

              My very sincere pleasure Dan & YOu are most welcome... indeed you all are.....

              and a special welcome to the world little 'Maarii Iris Cordeiro Absolom'


            • Michael Edwards

              The most heart warming event you could wish for - even at this distance it's made my day - congratulations Dan.

              • Poetic Dan

                Now that's music to my ears! No better thought could come from such a pleasant soul as yourself.

                Thank you for joining our smile and journey my friend.
                Always appreciated

              • Laura


                I reiterate Michael’s message...
                The best news I’ve heard today!
                CONGRATULATIONS ❀️

                The best event in one’s life!

                She is so precious...
                and alert!

                I love the name!

                Enjoy this precious gift you and your family have been blessed with!πŸ’


                P.S.- Thank you for sharing the great video of your precious gift!

                • Poetic Dan

                  Yes the best birthday gift I could ask for and thank you so much for always making me feel blessed to be all that I am and continue to share and be inspired by your kind soul!

                  Thank again for gluing joining us and Maarii on this beautiful day!

                  • Laura

                    My pleasure as always!
                    Happy Birthday 🎊 πŸŽ‰ 🎈🌈 to you also! So much to celebrate! Absolutely wonderful!πŸ’

                  • Goldfinch60

                    What a wonderful feeling, new life in your world is beautiful. Your life will be changed but for the good as the power of love shines through your words.

                    Many congratulations to you all an may the love from us all be always with you.

                    • Poetic Dan

                      That it is my friend, a fresh pair of lungs to appreciate and she is using them well!

                      Thank you for being a calm river to reflect off!
                      Always appreciated

                    • Christina8

                      Congratulations, Dan and new momma!!! Wishing you all the joy and peace life has to offer!

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