Thoughts In Time

‘Never never land’

‘Never never land’

If you ever
Get to
Never never land
Back around
And help
Me through
I’d like
To see it
Just like

To see if it
Is true

Or in the mind
Or just some kind
Of mystery
Thought up
As a part of

But never mind
What they shall

And say
It’s just
Another of
Your crazy

But that’s
For us who
It is the place
To go
Where there
Is never
A dull moment
In time
Only nursery rhymes

Fun and games
And where it’s
Not necessary
To know each others
It’s in any case
A part of this
Silly game
Of chasing
A losing

So off you
But remember
When you get
To share
And show
You care
For those who
Travel there
All the time

But in never never land
There’s only now
Right here
That’s how

No past
No future
The present
If being
In self
With sanity
Without human

It’s never to late
You’re never to old
Your never to lost


You invest in the cost

Of never
Stopping to learn
All those dreams
That have been
And yearning
They’re there
For you like never before


Open the door
Go back to where
We were before

Never never land
Is waiting for you

When you find
As few do

Turn around
Help others

To a land of
Never ending

New found

Where dreams
Come true
And you’ll
Never lose
Faith in
You .

Kelly Fagelund-Gjersoe


  • sylviasearcher

    This hit a spot in my consciousness few poems manage to...

    I think you might sense something I sense too.

    Thanks for this timely share

    • Thoughts In Time

      Thankyou for stopping by I appreciate your time🌹

    • Michael Edwards

      Greate write - look forward to more of your work.

      • Thoughts In Time

        Thankyou and yes more is there to come 🌹

      • Poetic Dan

        Wow such bliss... I once did a rhyme just like this the boy in never land knowing I was Peter Pan and no one can bring me down! I've left a door open for all to see but my hands are busy building others things!

        Inspirational stuff, keep the writing and soul glowing up!

        Much peace and respect

        • Thoughts In Time

          Thankyou Peter Pan..much appreciation and blessings returned...keep that door open you just never know...🌹

        • orchidee

          I looked for it but I nevre never found it! heehee.

          • Thoughts In Time

   your eyes...follow the heart it does not lie...but u may get lost...but all those who wander are not lost...Thankyou for gracing my comments with your thoughts🌹

          • FredPeyer

            Kelly, what I got from your excellent poem is the feeling that your never never land is an apt description of the inside of a poet's mind. Great writing!

            • Thoughts In Time

              Hmmmm...made me think...I just think it's a place we all need to experience and see that’s it’s actually never a dull moment away as it might just be in the here and now where we focus on actually what this is all about which we miss out on chasing the ways of the for thought...Thankyou for stopping by🌹

            • Goldfinch60

              Wonderful write, the lines

              !But in never never land
              There’s only now
              Right here
              That’s how

              No past
              No future
              The present"

              Are so very true. Each moment is so important in our lives.

              • Thoughts In Time

                Sovright you are and we need to appreciate each moment before it’s all gone in a blink of an eye..Thankyou🌹

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                H FRIEND ~ Brian here ~ welcome to MPS ~ thanks for your FIRST POEM ! It is very elegant in structure ~ it looks good ! It is replete with both Rhyme & Rhythm ~ excellent to both read & recite !
                We all have Never Never Lands ~ sometimes real locations where our BODIES can escape to a Wood or a Lake or especially to a Cave with stalactites (down ) & stalagmites (up) & bats ~ SPOOKY ! Also our NNL can be imaginary ~ ephemeral somewhere where we can escape in our MINDS ! I agree with you ~ time is suspended in these *mind NNLs* no PAST - no FUTURE - just PRESENT ! In essence in the UK we have the whole of Fairyland - Pantomime (love it) - Fantasy etc to explore ! Angela (my Fiancee) is half Spanish and Andalucia (the region her family come from) is replete with Real & Fantasy Never Never Lands. Thanks for sharing ~ You will find MPS is an empathetic site. It works by reading and commenting on each others poems. Thanks for reading & commenting on OURS !

                Love ~ Peace ~ Joy !
                BRIAN & ANGELA
                💙 🧡 💙 🧡 💙
                Love your VISUAL very Fairy Land !

              • Thoughts In Time

                Oh how kind of the two of you..yes fairies and never evers..or just maybe sometimes somewhere..but it’s all actually here all along..I’m enjoying being here..Thankyou for your kindness..blessings🌹

              • fuche_bu

                We're all seeking never never land. perhaps some of us will find it.

              • Thoughts In Time

                Maybe that’s where nowhere is as well...Thankyou for taking time🌹

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