Michael Edwards







Last night on TV I watched a show

In American English don’t you know.


With trepidation and concern

I decided it’s a language I must learn.


Now learning a language is quite a skill

and considering my age I’m doing quite well.

It’s not only words but the accent too.

To explain what I mean here a few

explanations just for you:


carp = cop,

parp = pop

jarb = job,

drarp = drop

gotten = got,

lart = lot

warnt = want


(Can you spot the odd one out?)


Are you getting the hang of the lingo yet?

It sure is no problem; it sure is no sweat

and soon you’ll find it rolls off the tongue

 just make the effort  – it’s easily done !

And here’s a clue though it might sound absurd:

Try sticking an ‘r’ into every word.


(Except for the odd one out of course)  




  • orchidee

    Maybe those 'r's make up for the ones missing in, e.g. color, humor, etc?! Miss Berles cousin in America is Miss Barrrles. You met her?

  • Goldfinch60

    I wrote a poem many years ago about this but I daren't put it on here, I might get 'hit by a automobile hood and thrown on the sidewalk'

    • Michael Edwards

      Only in fun - would love to see a p**s take of the correct pronunciation like wot I speak.

    • Unsub


      I wonder if there is an American bible?

      And GoRd said to JeRsus, peRRRRSistence is key!

      Now I’ll have relish on my BuRRger before we get you up orn that cRROss!


      Ps. Great poem & hopefully some brave soul will attack the English language.

      • Michael Edwards

        I think they have one basic bible but so many variations in interptretions etc - must be the most interpreted novel ever written.

      • Fay Slimm

        Couldn't agree more Michael this sloppy lingo DARminates T.V. a LARt - it has GARtten me HARf craaazed an' I WAAnt it to STARp............. Faaay

        • Michael Edwards

          I feel a bit of a hypocrite since I speak RP with the 'r' added to the letter 'a' as in barth for bath. Heigh ho!

        • Clara

          Great fun! My family and I are from the UK, but my niece often watches YouTube. Videos of other children opening toys and things - often American children. So, she has taken it upon herself to be part American when it suits her. Rather entertaining. Drives my sister, her mum, insane!

          • Michael Edwards

            Without any disrespect to those who use different accents I can understand your sister's concern - it is nice to retain our own accents etc for the sake of culture and to maintain the richness of the language.

          • LAWLESS

            Yup, like you know, like I dig it dude. Like I know fer sure, like what you be writin.

            Not enough ‘r’s I know, I’m a product of the eighties. As an Amerikkkan I understand completely. Like this one is tubular!

            • Michael Edwards

              Gor blimey mate yer really cracked it aint yer - I werz born in Lundun and lorst the lingo long ago - look arfter yerself me ole mucker.

              • LAWLESS

                😂 Boy howdy, yur a darn tootin cowpoke!

              • dusk arising

                i just ccept it for what it is tbh, but everytime i hear the different pronunciations of our words it makes me smile especially PREvert not pervert, and onto aluminium, missile.

                But heck, comprehension/understanding is the main thing and it works between usa & uk.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Yes as long as we onderstand. I do find it funny when in the States they say they like my accent. I's English - I speak English - I don't have an accent.

                • Alan .S. Jeeves

                  Yes ~ the odd one out is carp because it is the only to carry a gun and shoot people.

                  Kind regards, aylan

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Yus you might be right mate - at least here in the UK

                    Cheers muchly aylan

                  • FredPeyer

                    Enjoyed this one! If you ever come to Hawaii you would have even more fun with our local pidgin!
                    Example: "You like beef?" (Wanna fight with me?)

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