Step into the sunshine

Out from my darkest hall

Beauty I've watched through windows

Let me be amongst it all


Let my life be changed

My ways have taken a turn

In sunshine for which I've lusted

My skin, unfamiliar, burns


Pale in all this brightness

Illuminated by beaming rays

No hope of blending in

A signal to all I'm new to these ways


Tells all the people who see me

I've stayed amongst the shade

My face, burning red, signals them "STOP"

Parents tell children to stay away


A price I pay for hiding

Where anything goes, unseen

Out in new openness, glowing, burning,

Peeling, everywhere I'm a scene


It's almost as if to show me

Being right as I possibly can

Simply can't change the wrongs of my past

Despite me, for them I am damned


I know some day I'll be healed

Adjust to a healthy new tone

Pick off my dead skin, be amongst new friends

And welcome the warmth that once left me alone


But just as I'm getting comfy

Dark spots start to show on my skin

To serve as reminders my sunshine remembers

The guilt of my former sin


I've begun a new journey toward virtue

I've come and must still go so far

But to biopsy every last trace of my darkness

Still leaves it's remnant scar


  • Nicholas Browning

    A bit of a story as thanks for the poem. although you may not really care I'll still share anyway.
    I haven't been the best of people either, there was a time in my life where all I did was stay inside because I felt like I didn't belong outside with everyone else. When I was 15 I developed a skin condition known as "Pigmented purpuric dermatosis". Basically, I've got red and purple blotches covering my entire body excluding my face. I believe they serve as a reminder that I haven't been the best a human can be. They keep me in check, at least to me they do. But I go outside now, and I have friends. I'm in a better place, and I hope that some day you look back on your misgivings and laugh at them. Best regards! I really enjoyed the poem.

    • b-LAH-que

      Dude. No, seriously, thanks for sharing that. For me it's nice to get responses to poems I share, and even better when it can speak to the reader or allow them to relate in some way. Maybe the best is when a reader can relate to what I'm saying and tell me of their own peace gained through a similar plight, a type of peace I strive for and am now all the more reassured will be mine. Thanks for the well wishes and for reading!

      • Nicholas Browning

        Very much obliged my friend.

      • Goldfinch60

        Those scars may be there but you know you have moved on and are getting better every moment of your life.

        • b-LAH-que

          Absolutely. Perhaps they can be looked at as either a reminder of the past or a symbol of my strength to make a better future. I choose the latter. Thanks!

          • Goldfinch60

            Good choice.

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