Servant Sacrificed

Tune: Malvern

(one tune to 'Jesus where'er thy people meet')

1 Peter 2 v.21-25


Christ suffered for us, example

That we should follow, and recall

His life laid down, and paid the price

For our sins, it does full suffice


He did not sin, neither was guile

Found in His mouth, and no revile

He did not take up in return

Nor threaten with accusings stern


But when He suffered, committed

Himself to God, by Him e'er led

He the One, judges righteously

Justice would be the outcome, see


Christ in His own self bore our sins

That we forgiven, cleansed within

May be by his atoning blood

His offering, a flowing flood


His life given upon the tree

The cross, He died for you and me

And rose again, He strong to save

His work, no less, His life He gave


That we then to sins being dead

Should hold to Him, our living Head

And so live unto righteousness

By His stripes we healed, we confess


For we were as sheep gone astray

But now has come salvation's day

For now we are returned unto

Shepherd, Bishop of our souls true




  • Goldfinch60

    Apparently only for those who believe. Good write though.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. I don't reckon you've cast away all you confidence (or faith) as a verse says. He will oversee ('shepherd or bishop') our souls.

    • FineB

      Hello Orchidee.

      A lovely write.

      John 3 :16 - I thought of this Bible verse when I read your poem, God's great love for us.

      Keep writing FineB

      • orchidee

        Thanks Fine.

      • Lamar Cole

        Great Religious Poem.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Lamar.

        • Neville

          Gives a whole new meaning to the old question

          so what did your last servant die of'?....

          • orchidee

            Erm yes, thanks N.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            AMEN UNCLE STEVE ! There is only one MEDIATORbetween GOD & MAN ~ The Man CHRIST JESUS ~ AMEN
            The Lord Jesus Christ ~ who was the SINLESS Son of God ~ became SIN for US that we might be made the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD in & through HIM
            The Lord Jesus Christ has suffered to our SINS ~ once for ALL ~ that HE might bring us to GOD
            There is no other NAME in the whole UNIVERSE through whom we can be saved and that name is the LORD JESUS CHRIST !
            The LORD JESUS CHRIST said :
            I am THE WAY ~ not one of severally equally good ways
            I am THE TRUTH ~ no just an aspect of TRUTH
            I am THE LIFE ~ not just a facet of LIFE
            NO Man , Woman or Child has access to GOD except by ME
            Christianity is the ONE and ONLY TRUE RELIGION and this is the GOSPEL we preach ~ We resolve to know or teach nothing amongst YOU except the Gospel of Jesus Christ and HIS DEATH for US on the Cross - We want to concentrate entirely on The Lord Jesus Christ and His Death for us on the Cross ! These are my beliefs and the GOSPEL I preach ~ AMEN ~ Hope that answers your QUESTION !

            Thanks for the HYMN & POEM ~ UPLIFTING !

            THE BIBLE seems to be the WORD of GOD
            THE BIBLE cliams to be the WORD of GOD
            THE BIBLE ~ in our day to day lives ~ Proves to be the WORD of GOD ~ AMEN

            Let the REDEEMED of the Lord say so ~ Whom he hath redeemed from the Hand of the Enemy

            Thnaks for SHARING & CARING
            Blessings & Peace to YOU & YOURS
            Love in the Spirit ~ BRIAN & ANGELA ~ AMEN

            • orchidee

              Thanks B&A.

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