Zuzanna Musial

His Loving Art


When I look at the beautiful sky

every morning each day

when there is still no sun in the sky

what do I see...

there an enormous beauty

of the light at dawn

and then ‘the sun also raises’

while I wait for a few more minutes

and ponder at the bright light

looking at the glorified view

the beautiful creation

so bright.


Masterfully done by the hand of God

our beloved Lord, that I admire

and also His loving art

that he created for His people

however, often do not have the time

to see the beautiful colours'

Nature in bloom, and the beautiful flowers

all that is there...the visual beauty

to admire and love... and I thank Him

for the love that God richly bestows

on everyone and everywhere

no matter the places where we live

the beauty of sunrise and sunsets

are visible to eyes



By Zuzanna Musial


  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful recreation of natures wonderful canvas Zuzanna.

    I have heard many versions of Concerto D'Anjuez but not this one, it is wonderful, thank you for leading me to another avenue of music to explore "Music by escavatoore1958. Spain."
    "So much music,
    So little time".

    Welcome to MPS.

    • Zuzanna Musial

      Thank you, Mr. Goldfinch60 for the beautiful comment. I am new here do not know anyone, so it is a pleasure finding a new friend. Can you be my poetic friend, please? ~ Zuzanna

      • Zuzanna Musial

        Thank you, dear Mr. Goldfinch60, for accepting my friend's request. I am humbled to be here, meeting new poets...Kindest Respect...Zuzanna

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      • ron parrish aka wordman

        god gave us a lot of beautiful things and places to view his love for us

        welcome to my poetic side

        • Zuzanna Musial

          Welcome to my friend's, dear poet Ron P.
          Thank you for the lovely comment!🌹
          I am glad you gave directions to this lovely site!
          Thank you, Zuzanna

          • ron parrish aka wordman

            my pleasure and you`re welcome

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          • Fay Slimm

            You word the beauty of nature in sun's rising and setting so well here Zuzanna with needed reminders for us all to put more time aside to view the art that Love has designed to bring pleasure to earthlings - a delightful read and a warm welcome to MPS .......... from Fay..

            • Zuzanna Musial

              Dear Fay Slimm, thank you so much for the heartfelt comment on the poem.
              Yes, we have the Creation beauty to love and admire.
              I am grateful for the beautiful soul of yours.
              Thank you for the warm comment, and the welcome to MPS.🌹

              Love and Blessings, Zuzanna

            • ron parrish aka wordman

              the sky is gods canvas to paint beautiful images of his creation

              • Zuzanna Musial

                Dear Ron, my poetic friend, God is the Master Painter in all things. Believe it or not.
                Have a wonderful weekend. Sally is my friend already here as well.

                Thank you. Zuzanna

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