The White Lady

In the old cottage desolate and forlorn,

She stands there a translucent vision in white,

The hills and breathtaking countryside around echo with her horrific cries,

An unforgettable white lady, beautiful, majestic and tall in height.

Every Xmas time she appears,

Thwarted in love, this tragic figure permeates the festive air in doom,

Villagers avoid the haunted old cottage,

With Xmas joy, their exuberant spirits resurrecting the December air from its gloom.

Beware of The White Lady,

For every Xmas, she appears a sad figure bereft of love,

A lost spirit seeking the beloved man who betrayed her,

She cries out to the heavens, her pleas for salvation from above.



  • Joker Wood

    It doesn't seem Gothic to me, even though it is in the Gothic Category.
    Maybe it is due to own's fantasy and imagination.

    I did several times many years ago, watch a Philippine ghost movie called White Lady.
    It was scary because...the visual is there and they made it like that in the movie.

    I relate more to the Love part of the character here and I...sympathize, instead of feeling scared.

    It is an irony, because it's like ghosts are supposed to be scary...but there is no fear at all from the people.

    • Joker Wood

      I am starting to watch a horror anthology series.
      It shows about a place and people, and in every episode...they find out more and more about the truth of the place's past, which aren't exactly happy.

      Somehow, I do not watch it because of the horror stuff...but because of TRUTH.
      About finding out the truth, no matter how horrific or scary it might seem.
      Probably due to that motivation, I'm not scared no matter how gruesome the scenes may be.

      • FineB

        Hi Joker44,

        Thank you for reading and for your comments. I put the poem in the Gothic category because I could quite figure out how to classify this poem.

        Keep writing FineB

      • Michael Edwards

        Love the story - Gothic or otherwise.

        • FineB

          Hello Michael,

          Many thanks for reading. Much appreciated!

          I think The White Lady is a bit gothic.

          Keep writing

        • orchidee

          A fine tale Fine.

          • FineB

            Hi Orchidee!

            Many thanks and watch where you go this Xmastide!

            Keep writing Fineb

          • Goldfinch60

            Brilliant write FineB.


            • FineB

              Hi Andy,

              Hope you don't mind I called you this instead of Goldfinch60.

              Glad you liked the poem and beware of the ghosts of Xmastide!

              Keep writing FineB

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