Stop! We need a second referendum!

Education on the topic was poor!

Quick! Introduce another addendum!

People don’t know what they were voting for!


What? You’re speaking a load of nonsense.

Anybody with eyes and ears would know,

The media bombardment was constant -

Yet the resounding answer was ‘Let’s go!’


You can’t proceed! The public are conflicted!

I beg to differ, you see I believe -

Any lack of knowledge is self-inflicted,

Suck it up will you, we just want to leave!


Alas! It’s not possible you see,

Because the vote didn’t go our way.

Quiet! We’ll have vote number two, or three,

Until it says what we want it to say!


Remainers unite, let’s show them we’ll stay!

Disregard their uneducated opinion!

Brexiteers resist, come what may!

Stand and rebel against their dominion!


Who will win in this pre-planned battle?

Or is it an impasse-perpetual?

Neither side will win as we’re all cattle

Cannon fodder, for the great eventual.


Copyright © 2019 SabreLi


  • Michael Edwards

    What a mess - the uneducated Public need to be led by the incompetants in Parliament who know even less. Fine write.

    • Michael Edwards

      That I would love to read.

      • SabreLi

        Thank you Michael! I don't often venture into the political domain with my writing as the drama frustrates me. However, this debacle over the referendum and polarising opinions truly get me!

        Hope you are well! 🙂

      • Goldfinch60

        How do you know when a politician is lying?
        Their lips move!

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