Michael Edwards





Her knickers were drying on the line

when along came a thief; a perverted swine

but he was seen as he made his escape

and being unfit and out of shape

he stumbled and fell thanks to tired legs

and now he’s in jail for stealing pegs.


  • Goldfinch60

    Pegs are so important, some of ours are antiques!

    • Michael Edwards

      I remember when gypsies ( can you still say gypsies?) used to sell them on the doorstep.

    • Goldfinch60

      Love the artwork.

    • orchidee

      Were they Miss Berles under-garments?! heehee.


      BON MATIN ~ Notre Oncle Steve ! Love the Psychedelic Dandelion Wings ! When in season ANGELA & I cant help picking & blowing ! Love the nuances in the POEM ! Ive heard of KNICKER NICKERS but never seen one in action ? Angela always dries hers indoors because VICTORIAS SECRET ( and even M & S !) cost the Earth ! She has some with the LOGO *FOR YIOUR EYES ONLY* and she assures me that she means me !

      Blessings & Peace to YOU & YOURS
      Love BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡💚🧡💚🧡
      Please check OUR FUSION *WHAT IS CHRISTMAS ?* Thanks

      • Michael Edwards

        Oncle Steve? Knickers in a twist? lol 😊 Thanks Brian.

      • Unsub


        It’s a shame that Kegs is not a universal name for underpants otherwise you had a better last word to complete your funny rhyme.

        The minute I saw Undies written by you on the community list I jumped straight over to it; you never let us down.


        • Michael Edwards

          I do like the idea that he stole the pegs and not the knickers as the reader was led too expect but kegs would also work. So pleased you like my attempts at poetic humour - I've another to post on the knicker theme - maybe tomorrow if I have time but I am out all day..

        • Fay Slimm.

          I heard only once of peg thieves around my neck of the woods but wondered if it was an ol' Cornish joke........ now having read your story I know better and shall peg my undies on electrified rope - thanks for the big smile Mike.

          • Michael Edwards

            Now that sounds like fodder for another poem - thanks Fay.

          • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

            Ha ha ha didn't know you could write such scintillating limericks Woww! I mean you look like many with a serious face so this changed that. A fantastic humoured poem. And I who can usually write only on sth which really happened , wonder if this story is true. Kudos.
            So nice to read from you again!
            Pls pleez do review comment my newest poem too.

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