Messenger's Mission

Tune: Winchester New

('On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry')

Mark 1 v.2-11


John Baptist, he the messenger

With folk at river did confer

The messenger, he sent before

The Lord, who would appear for sure


In wilderness his cry it be

Prepare you the Lord's way, and see

You make paths straight to walk therein

And be baptised and confess sin


A baptism of repentance

For forgiveness of sins he thence

Preached at River Jordan, and they

Prepared for the Lord in their day


John clothed with camel's hair, and wore

A girdle, leather belt, and store

Of locusts, wild honey he ate

Faithfully the Lord's word did state


Saying, There comes one mightier

Than I after me, so offer

You worship to Him, for I be

Not worthy His shoe to loose, see


I have baptised you with water

Ready for the Lord, your hearts stir

For He shall baptise you, believe

The Holy Spirit then receive


And Jesus from Nazareth came

To John at Jordan, and He same

As those there, John baptised Him too

Spirit as a dove they did view


For He did on Jesus descend

And God's voice heard, it did attend

Saying, You are my beloved Son

In whom I am well pleased, the One




  • Goldfinch60

    Good one Orchi.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. Sometimes I forget that John Baptist was not preaching of the forthcoming birth of Jesus, as the two of them were born only 3 months apart. So John was 3 months older than Jesus, but preached the need to be ready for His arrival among the people there, in the places He was to visit.


      Good Afternoon Uncle Steve ! Nice to come back to MPS and find one of your very uplifting HYMN & POEM combos to lift one up ! What better subject than JOHN the BAPTIST ! Like some of us *A Voice crying in a Spritual Wilderness ~ Please dont wish me Merry Xmas or Happy Holiday ~ Put CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS !* I love the Batists observation on seeng JESUS *Behold the Lamb of GOD ~ Who takes away the SIN of the WORLD* A very very Perceptive & True Comment !

      Ive missed FIDO ~ Blessings to You & HIM !
      Love in the SPIRIT ~ B & A ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š

      • orchidee

        Cooeee Brian & Angela! Oh, I don't like 'Xmas' either. Some think it will take up too much ink to write 'Christmas'! Fido will bark at that! heehee.

      • Michael Edwards

        Another good 'un Orchi.

        • orchidee

          Thanks M.

        • Mottakeenur Rehman


          • orchidee

            Thanks M.

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