Michael Edwards

THREE 575s



Antipathy stirred

Indignation awakened

Emotions released


Turbulent impulse

Words of vengeance delivered

Revenge flows sweetly.


A shadowy room

Embers fade to a dull glow

Eyelids slowly close.


  • orchidee

    Fine writes and pic M.

  • dusk arising

    Three beauties today ME.
    I'm intrigued, how do you get 'other' colours or hues into a charcoal piece. Other than the black of the charcoal and the paper colour. Regardless of method, the effect is very pleasing and affords the piece more depth.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks da = I cheated - a touch of pastel to give the rose colour

      • dusk arising

        Well more power to your elbow, surely you can't call this cheating. I find both yesterdays and todays artwork stunning.

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      • Goldfinch60

        Very good 575s Michael.

        Fabulously intriguing artwork.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Andy - will be getting them framed as a pair.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          ANGELA HERE - Hi Uncle Mike - Love the Painting & the HAIKU ! Both a bit Melancholy is that your MOOD for January 2020 ? In our Poem today we are seeing 2020 as a year of Opportunity & Fulfilment. Perhaps it can be both ? Liverpool Supporters today are rejoicing by their Reserve Team winning through a Dream Goal by a TEENAGER - While BRIAN has the grumps at EVERTONS missed chances to topple the MIGHTY REDS ! One game two opposite outcomes for the Fans ! I pretend to be upset but I dare*nt tell BRIAN - Im a closet admirer of CLOUGH & L*V*R*O*L !

          Every Blessing & Peace for YOU & YOURS
          Love ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡💙🧡💙🧡

          • Michael Edwards

            Aw thanks Angela. Better not tell him I'm a Tottenham - er well these days - Coolspurs

          • FineB

            Hello Michael,

            Thank you for that powerful and haunting write and complimented by hauntingly beautiful picture.

            Keeo writing FineB

          • sarahlynne

            Lovely composition on both haiku and art,

          • Poetic Dan

            Fantastic stuff, my eye are speach less too!

          • myself and me

            The paint is a little bit heavy for me. The poem win today.

          • Fay Slimm.

            You have such a way with the 575 -style my friend - three wise haikus to ponder and as for the charcoal work - - - - beautifully mysterious.

          • Maxine Smith

            These are just fantastic Michael, really clever how you’ve done that.
            Brilliant work.

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