dusk arising

torn but not forgotten

and where have you been
(i have been hiding)
(hiding deep inside myself)
why were you hiding
(so they don't see)
what is it you
dont want them to see
(i don't want them
to see the real me)
why not
(because it is better.
if i show my real self then
i will have to show
the pain i carry
and they will see my pain)
why do you want
to hide your pain from people
(because when i hide it
i can begin to live without it
but in the times
they see my pain
then i too see it
and it hurts inside me
my pains become refreshed
and it's harder to hide anew)
do you see pain in others
(i do not look beyond
the face before me)
do you think others
are concealing
their pain from you
(yes but just like you
they don't want to
let me see their pain either
because you know
it will tear at your face)

   (Do you want to see my torn face?....


  • Nemo

    Oh, this was a painful read, we all hide our pain to live with out revealing our vanurability,
    Very well portrayed 🌹

    • dusk arising

      Indeed we do, This was written for someone i know who always seems to be showing his pain.

    • PhilPoet

      Interesting; the conflict between feeling pain and having to live with it, without a screwed up face.
      I found interesting the line:
      (because when i hide it
      i can begin to live without it...)... food for thought, but I know I'm not there.
      Liked the poem and the difficulty it so clearly portrays.

      • dusk arising

        Thank you Phil, this was deliberately crafted to portray that difficulty and the underlying reasons why we conform.

      • _Aquarius_

        I really loved this, even though every word was very chilling and heart wrenching, but sadly I can very much understand and relate to this.. This really resonated with me and I could feel the pain and the vulnerability in every word.

        • dusk arising

          I'm glad you related to this. Whereas i wrote this for a palI must admit that on re-reading it it hits me in the guts..... yep, we all have suffered.

        • Goldfinch60

          Very emotive write d a. There is pain within us all but if you chose who to share it with that pain can be dispersed, all it needs is somebody to listen - I am a listener and I am listening.


          • dusk arising

            Written for someone to whom i listen and always hear their pains.... just thought they should see the subject from a different perspective. The last lines are pertinent.

          • orchidee

            We do say the casual 'I'm OK' if some ask us 'How are you?'
            Then we wonder, if we said we're not OK, would they stop to listen to our needs, etc, or would they think 'Oh no, he's not OK again?!'

            • dusk arising

              I often reply with a negative just to get ppls attention for devilment.

            • Poetic Dan

              Yes I do, if it ment every word was true. I don't want to hold them down, I am brave but my triggers are real. If we all opened our hearts completely, we could all truly begin to feel...

              Inspirational stuff my friend and always well penned!

            • Neville

              Excellent my friend... for a moment, I imagined you might have penned these words for yours truly..... N

              • dusk arising

                Hey Neville it's good to see you about again..... no i didnt have you in mind at all whilst penning this. It's written for a pal who seems to do little else but show his hurt.

                • Neville

                  Thank you DA.. I hope to pop in every now and again but am under strict instructions from my consultant to limit my use of PC... unfortunately my eye surgery has not been the success I had been hoping for... although, it is still early days I guess.. N

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                • Maxine Smith

                  Such as sad piece.

                  Painfully beautiful how you can open up in such a way.

                  Keep writing, we are all here for you.

                  Dark times shall bring us brighter lights, even if we don’t believe it just yet.

                  • dusk arising

                    I'm pleased that this touched you but it isn't about my hurting. It's written for a pal who always seems to want to air his pains, hopefully he may gain a different perspective.

                  • Neville

                    a brilliant title and a great narrative poem
                    with some classic exchanges throughout the conversation
                    …. Neville

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