Michael Edwards






What is it?

I want it.

I’ve got it.

I don’t need it.

What is it?


  • Adam Shirley

    I love the title, and the poem itself is thought provoking. You definitely have me thinking, a fine piece written.

    • Michael Edwards

      From the enquiring mind of of the child through to dementia. I've reached the age where I look back and reflect - but I still live for today. Thanks Adam.

    • Goldfinch60

      Those wants and needs can so so intriguing but so anonymous.



      BUENAS DIAS TIO MIKE ! Love the picture ~ reminds me of Friends of OURS (Owen & Blodwyn) who always have their SHEEP DOG (also called Fido !) sleeping between them in their bed ! They put Him in the kennels on a Friday Night so Fred gets his conjugal rights ! Love the Poem ~ it has multiresponsitivity. My answer would be *A Bottle of Single Malt when Hogmany is still a Year awa* !*

      • Michael Edwards

        Once a week Blodwyn - sounds like a Larry Grayson character. I still laugh every time I think of his postman: pop-it-in-Pete.

      • orchidee

        Good write and pic M.

        • Michael Edwards

          Ta lotsy O

          • orchidee

            You know Stagey Berles? (bit far fetched name I know!).

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          • FineB

            Hi Michael,

            A good write and thought provoking.

            What do we really want out of life?

            What do we really need.

            Keep writing FineB

            • Michael Edwards

              We don't need a lot - just peace - but man isn't like that sadly.

            • dusk arising

              Very clever and thought provoking.

              Less is more.

            • Maxine Smith

              A very clever write, love the theme.

              The circle of life; what, want, got, don’t need! And then over and over.

              Great one here Michael.

              • Michael Edwards

                It gets worse as you get older (or is that better?) - I've all I need and when I'm asked what I want for my birthday I'm feel under pressure as I don't want anything. Usually end up asking for a voucher for my favourite art supplier.

              • Fay Slimm.

                So apt to describe the fact that minds change as years fly by my friend. Dementia may threaten yet like you dear Michael I try to live one day at a time.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Dementia? Must look it up - I've forgotten !! lol 😁

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