It’s Time to Go Home


i’m sitting in class

it’s almost time to go

i wanna be home

i’m sitting it my seat

learning abt the things i’ll forget in a heartbeat




we’re getting closer now

just 3 minutes to go

the teachers stopped teaching

and i’ve stopped writing

i go to book my books away

-Boom Boom-

sounds like a grenade

My classmates all staring

asking the question with their eyes

“what was.. that”

-Boom Boom-

hear it again, getting louder this time




we hear the bell ring

it’s time to go but no one moves a thing

we’re frightened, terror in our eyes

we finally know what the sound is

it’s a gun, i know it for sure

someone’s out there taking innocent lives

the teacher moves to the door

locking it shut and turning of the lights

we move to the back

but there ain’t enough room

I’m sitting quietly looking around

i should be safe as long as i stay right here



-Boom Boom-

It’s right next to us now

Glass is shattering

and screams insue

i look down

i can’t see there faces

body’s fall

the numbers rise

before i know it

i’m down too

my best friend screams

Don’t take her

of all the people in the world

please not her

It’s too late though

I’m a goner

My breathings getting harder

I look at my friend

memories flash

all the times i took for granted

when we were like ten

i smile when i see her one last time

I love you, i tell her

then i close my eyes


What do you know

I remember what i learned in class today

but i got no heartbeats left to say Hurray



    ANGELA HERE - HI JULIANNA - Welcome to MPS you will find it is a good site ! Thanks for sharing you first Poem it is awesome. It pulsates with rythm & action as becomes the tragic content. As a Young Lady you have shared the horror of the Subject very well and painted a word picture that is both graphic and salutary ~ AMEN. In American there is one gun for every person and School Shootings are increasingly common. Your Poem is all the more tragic because it was *Time to go Home !*

    I wanna go home - 3 minutes to go - we hear the bell ring - BOOM BOOM - its a gun ! - I should be safe in my seat ? - bodies fall - Im down too - memories flash - then I close my eyes - I remember what I learned in class today - but I got no heartbeats left to say HURRAY - AMEN

    Oooooo JULIANNA - This is so so moving that Im crying now thinking of the horror and the aftermath as your Parents are informed that their beautiful Daughter is in Paradise - BUT - NOT COMING HOME NO MORE ! A tragedy we must never take for granted - AMEN !

    Guns are illegal in the UK but if President Trump read this he would be much less GUNG HO about the freedom of every American to posess a GUN ! Why not send Him a copy ? Thanks for caring - more Poems please. Ive saved this as a fave ! Im a Physiotherapist and part of my job is getting GUN & KNIFE victims mobile again !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours Angela 🧡🤍💙
    I share this site with my Fiance Brian
    Please check out our site thanks A & B !

  • Bragee

    Heart felt piece full of emotion.
    sad reality here in America.
    The subtle sarcasm at the very end really seals in the reality of this situation.
    Keep writing!

  • bellskie

    This poem really moved me. It actually made me well up, amazing work

  • Goldfinch60

    What a wonderful write Julianna, it is so awful that there are people in this world that want to harm others. May love come to our world.
    Welcome to MPS.

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