Nine Pictures and a Few Videos

Nine pictures and a few videos

This is all I have left of you

On the day I had to see you go into the ground, I played back videos just to hear your voice


I wanted to hate you for your unfair choice

Everyday I opened your messages trying to find the right thing to say

As time passed I knew there was nothing I could do for you to stay


They told me you left with a smile on your face

They told me your off in a better place

I guess I depended on you just as much as you depended on me


Tell me now

Are you free?

Are you free from her ?

Are you free from them?

Are you free from me?


You were already gone by the time I decided I found the right words

I had no idea, it was a regular day waking up to the birds


All you ever asked was for me to do your hair

My heart is consuming me

I should have been there


Remember me as the friend you left on your birthday

Please forget me the way you left me


I will remember you as my friend who always cared

I will remember the moments I took for granted but that’s something we will forever share


Nine pictures and a few videos

Yes it is so


  • Poetic Dan

    Wow that felt heartbreakingly true, when we look back we hope to have a few photos and videos too.

    I have lost many friends before their time, thank you the words but sorry for what made you write them.

    Much peace and respect
    Always appreciated

  • Saxon Crow

    Wow. Just wow. Its beautiful

  • Unsub




    Hola Narcisa ~ Buenas Tardes Gracias por tu Poema. It happens when a *Friend* dies ~ often all we have left is a few letters - videos & pictures. After Death we always try to think the best of the departed how ever positive or negative our relationship was with them ! You have exhibited this trait in your very moving poem ! Thanks for caring & sharing. Please check our site ~ Thanks !

    Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 💛💛💛

  • Goldfinch60

    What a wonderful emotion laden write, your words are so meaningful.


  • AwHec8

    Reminds me of the Earth shattering day when my Dad died. Also I just happened to have a voice message he left me on one of the few times I missed his call. (I live on the east coast, he lived on the west coast and he never seemed to figure out the 3 hour difference. LOL) So I gave it to those in the family who wanted it and saved it in my phone. Only to lose it when I changed cell phones. Dammit! Now years later it seems all that's left are memories that fade into memories of memories if that makes any sense and pictures I still have. Oh yeah and like you the pamphlet of the funeral service too.
    Thank You for the fine write Narcisa. Don

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