The Lament of Jenny Mack and Finn Murphy

Saxon Crow

    The love of Jenny Mac,

Was a beautiful thing to behold. 

She bestowed it all upon Finn Murphy

Who returned it double fold.   

Their happiness spread far and wide

 It reached the Heavens High  

It also reached the faery kingdom

Where magic grows and thrives  

The King of the Unseelie Fae

Was placed under true loves spell

So he planned to take Jenny Mac

And in his kingdom have her dwell  

Crossing into the world of man 

The Fae King hunted far

Until in the dead of  night

He spied Jenny in Finns arms

He quietly stole Jenny Mac away

And left a bag of gold 

For Finn to wrap his arms around

But Gold, they say, is cold  

Awoke Finn Murphy started,

with fear in his beating heart 

His Jenny Mack had disappeared

Been taken in the dark  

He saw the bag of gold all shining

And remembered stories told

Of bargains struck by magic means 

And tales of Faerie Folk  

Into the fire he threw the bribe 

And watched it melt away

"Ill not sell you Jenny Mack!"

Finn cried out with desperate rage   

A portal appeared in the flames

And Finn stepped through the door

To the kingdom where the Faeries lived

To rescue his true love  

Now while this was happening 

The Fae King had returned home

With Jenny Mack by his side

Imprisoned by his spell  

The Fae King looked upon his prize 

And lavished her with gold and jewels

But Jenny Mack just laughed at him 

And called him silly fool!  

"You cannot buy my love" she said

"And you cannot take from me

What Finn has got within in his heart

That i gave to him for free."  

The Fae King knew the truth of this 

Because her words burnt like sharpened steel

So his anger turned to trickery

And to the love that Finn must feel  

For a day and a night and many more

Finn searched for Jenny Mack 

Until one day he found the Unseelie King

Who offered Jenny back.  

"All i ask for her return"

The King so slyly asked

"Is all the love you have for Jenny 

Burning in your heart.

If you refuse to make this trade

You'll never see Jenny again. 

And she will live a lonely life

Of suffering and pain!"

Without a thought Finn agreed 

And gave his love away. 

For he would do anything to ensure Jenny was safe.   

With a laugh so cruel that blighted lands

The Fae King looked at Finn

"Done!" Said he with evil mirth

"Now return from whence you came"  

In a blinding flash of green flame

Finn was once again at home

Waiting for Jenny Mack

Who soon would be returned   

The Unseelie King turned to Jenny 

With a cold glint in his eyes 

But he was surprised and shocked to see 

That Jenny wore a smile  

"He will never love you" the King said to her 

But Jenny looked at him with pity 

On the loneliness she saw

In a heart that was broke and empty  

"Oh you foolish man.

You dont know what love is for.

Finn Murphy loved me double,

So i will love him more"  

And as she turned to leave him 

The last thing she ever saw

Was a pitiful creature drowned in tears

Lying on the floor.  

And they lived happily ever after

I would love to write

But this is the story of Jenny Mack 

And Finn Murphy at her side   

Of the cruelest twist that love could bring

Is the tale of Jenny Mack

About how she loved a heartless man 

Who could never love her back

  • Author: Saxon Crow (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 9th, 2020 07:44
  • Comment from author about the poem: Its a bit long so thank you for taking the time ti read it!
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  • Neville

    Hey Bro, this is soooo darn Grimm.. it reads like a grown up poetic fairy tale and would look bloomin good illustrated.. tis so much fun I'm gonna go check it out again….


    • Saxon Crow

      Thanks Nev. I really enjoyed writing this one so am very pleased you like it.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ooooh - D.A. what a sad ending to this story of fairies and their special magic........... a lament to be read with
      sighs and heartache yet thanks for sharing that sting in its tail.

      • Saxon Crow

        Thanks Fay, although DA didn't write it haha. Most old tales never have happy endings they are all warnings etc. However, this poem was getting longer than expected so did not end with a moral!!

        • Fay Slimm.

          Oh - my sincere apology - the read was a long one and I got lost in the story but what a silly mistake to have made S.C. my friend.............

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        • railasunshine

          Beautifully written!

        • Michael Edwards

          A sad but enjoyable read.

        • orchidee

          Should I meet them?! heehee.

          • Saxon Crow

            Definitely, yes. Haha

          • Quemis

            This is awesome!!!

            You are so talented.

          • Goldfinch60

            I got hooked on this SC, so well written - well done.


            • Saxon Crow

              Thanks GF very much appreciated

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