all i've ever wanted

clair jane

as i am leaving my childhood

all the high school classes

all the scrapped knees on the sidewalks

and friends lost over the years

i realize that growing up is all i've ever wanted

and yet, now i do not want it 


i watch my happiness leave me, 4 years ago today

i watch my friend come and go

because of personal growth


i watch my brother and sister grow up happy

she will be in high school next year

him in middle school

and they are happy with those changes

and that's all i ever wanted 


i watch as my mom graduates from college

as my step dad goes back to college

as everyone around me is applying to college

and i am just here

with no idea as to what i am going to do with my life

i just want to belong

it's all i ever wanted 


i wanted to be a cheerleader

i wanted to be an all AP student

i wanted to be that effortlessly good student

i wanted people to be proud of me


but all i ever wanted

was to be proud of myself


i sit here tonight

and think of 

all i've ever wanted

  • Author: clair jane (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 10th, 2020 23:21
  • Category: Letter
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  • Goldfinch60

    With words like these you should already be proud of yourself Clair. Your life in front of you will be wonderful.

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