dusk arising


Come on ladies,
what's this thing
with your eyebrows?
So many of you sporting
'drawn-on' brows
in quite unnatural shapes
in quite unnatural places.
Some akin to
CO-CO the clown
with their permanent
raised eyebrows
look of surprise.
Or are they trying to
alter someones perception
of female attractiveness?
Perhaps their own?
Then there are those
thick black chisel edged ones.
What's that all about?
Often they make an
otherwise charming face
quite frightening?
Come on ladies
what's wrong with
that natural look?
Especially those of you
who call yourselves christians
wasn't god's work
good enough for you?
why are you trying
to improve upon gods work?
or is that what
make-up is all about.
Oh no, i sense another
dual standard lurking in
that christian closet.

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  • Published: March 12th, 2020 04:23
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  • Saxon Crow

    Here! Here! My favourite look is the bert and ernie eyebrows!

  • Neville

    I agree with every word... oh yes, my word .. they do look so absurd ..

  • orchidee

    Christian women are instructed in The Good Book not to wear much gold, among other things. 'Chance would be a fine thing to even have any gold', they may say!


    ANGELA HERE DA - In defence of all my Sisters ! It is true that Ladies tend to be *dedicated folowers of fashion* more so than Men. It can be Hair (style & colour) - skirt lengths - heel height & now Eyebrows ! As you know I am a committed Christian and I accept the Spanish genetic look in my genes. Olive skin - Black hair & Eyebrows etc. I am neat & trim but do not spend much on cosmetics ! PHYSIOS need to look neat & authorative but not Glamorous ! In my experience Christian Ladies spend far less on cosmetics than Secular Ladies - We are happy in the skin we*re in ! In my Work I am concerned with Health - Mobility & Fitness which is more to do with the Inner Man & Woman although my exercise Plans & Diets do tone the Figure & the Skin & Hair etc. I want my Clients (Yin & Yang) to be Fit & Healthy & look good in the Buff. Who we are is Gods Gift to us - What we make of ourselves (and that includes Face - Figure - Faculties) is our Gift back to God. Physiotherapists and Educationalists (like Brian) have a big part to play in maintaining *Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies* The Cosmetic Industry in the UK is worth about ยฃ30 billion ! Mostly unnecessary icing on an already good cake - the Peaches & Cream UK Ladies ! Thanks for sharing it made me think !

    Peace & joy to You & Yours
    Yours ANGELA ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿค๐Ÿงก

  • tundrol

    I always wondered what that was all about, pulling out eyebrows to paint them in again in a different place. I guess somewhere in that impulse there must be something artistic or creative, and everyone is at liberty to do what they want with their own face, I guess, whether there is a God, god, gods or no gods at all.

  • Fay Slimm.

    Eyebrows today and yesteryear the beauty spot was considered a must-have - -- queer how ladies vote for phases of changing their face or shape -- good to know though how males really think about following fashion.

  • Goldfinch60

    Thank you da for my first laugh of the day. It is so true, be who you are not hidden by artwork.



    Lol..bery true..when rhey tattoo them on thats even crazier

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