Saxon Crow



Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!
I like cake. No!
I lovvvvve cake.
What’s not to like?
Four little letters
That spell out joy
C.A.K.E – Cake
It’s just so versatile
And it’s a marvel for all occasions
Wedding cake, Birthday cake,
Coffee cake and Tea
There’s even a cake of soap
If your tastes are of a more
Exotic persuasion
Ahhhh cake, the greatest creation.
I must be honest
I don’t actually trust anyone who doesn’t like cake
Unless you are diabetic of course
But even then I’m on the fence with them
Begrudgingly I have to admit
That you can share cake too
Which goes to show that sometimes
You can’t have your cake and eat it
Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!
……………………… Oh no!
I forgot about cheese!
Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese
I like cheese. No!
I lovvvvve cheese……….


  • Michael Edwards

    Funloads - not a great lover of cake but I do like cheese.

    • Saxon Crow

      Well seeing as you loke cheese I'll let the cake comment pass!

      • Michael Edwards

        Good man. Cheese anyday.

      • orchidee

        A fine write Crow. You having that cake and eating it?!

        • Saxon Crow

          Thanks Orchi. Cakes all gone!

        • Goldfinch60

          So cheesecake would be your absolute delight SC!


          • Saxon Crow

            Mmmmm new york cheese cake!

            • Poetic Dan

              Ha ha, my thoughts too!

            • Poetic Dan

              Cheese cake or any cake will make my day, thanks for the sweet poetry on this sunny morning rays. Although I'd not go to the shop as the world going crazy, stay home and bake!

              • Saxon Crow

                Bake the day away! Not forgetting space cakes!

                • Poetic Dan

                  That takes way to much and I bake every day friend, self medication ;)

                • Claudelle DeLuna

                  Nice, fun piece, SC
                  Yes to cake! & Yes to cheese!
                  Have a great day,

                • dusk arising

                  Brit slang 'cake hole' = your mouth.

                  We were made to love cake, if the weather were finer i would live in a cake with icing upon the roof and jam in the bedrooms - well some of the bedrooms cos i too will need a cheese bedroom.

                  I have re-read your piece and i'm drooling.... i must turn the page for i fear i shall begin to put on weight.

                  P.S. I bake them too.... i have a huge farmhouse fruit cake in a tin within reach.... it's what your right arm is for you know.

                  I found your words today quite therapeutic.

                • tundrol

                  Very funny, Mr Crow.What about ice cream? Chips? Mango chutney? Sausages? There's poetry in all of them.

                • Unsub


                  Well I’m a type 1 insulin diabetic & I bloody love cake!


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