Poetic Dan

Mad world privileges

Only a few weeks ago I'm told of some one needing to go to the food banks!


On the other scales to this I was told yesterday, we could only purchase 3 ready milks!


Nearly all shelves are empty and people are being told to stay in.


Most! of the ones that have, have always taken more. The ones that have not, always try to give more.


Common sense has not been around for a very long time, you just hear the crys louder when it's spilling out to the street and in the spot light


This whole system never worked and those that have always lived day by day, week by week, never knowing if money, food or health would deplete..


I know the answer to nothing and they say all things happen for a reason, life has and will go on, no matter the season.


Welcome to the life that most of the world is living, we should be ashamed and finally scrap the idea of first world privileges!


When the old and young would get more respect in the tribal villages!


  • dusk arising

    There#s a lot to be said for the wisdom in your words. Especially the last line.
    But here we are in northern europe with the society which surrounds us today. That's the one we have to face and deal with. Fortunately there are many many good people out there.

    • Poetic Dan

      We can only do what we can my friend, I've lost two customers this week! Yesterday I got hit with more than 100+ emails subscriptions as something is messing with it! Not hacked apparently, I'm just unlucky...
      Mad times buddy!

      • dusk arising

        Weird things can happen to email, i am being plagued with appeals for me to stop sending spam.... somebody is using one of my email address' to send out spam.... i google for advice and theres nothing i can do about it.

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      • Saxon Crow

        Couldn't agree more mate. You may have got the impression in previous poems that I would love to return to tribal living where one person matters for the whole. And yes it is shaming to see what is happening. However, there is hope as there are amazing acts of kindness taking place too. For example, I made my wife a cup of coffee this morning. I am so going straight to heaven!

        • Poetic Dan

          He he, yeah I gave mine an hour extra in bed this morning. I'm a gift that keeps giving, even washing her breakfast bowl...

          Thank you my friend, see you on the other side!

          • Saxon Crow

            Washing bowls?!! Are you Jesus!?

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          • Mil57Man

            Sign of the times. We're being used as pawns things always look darkest just before the dawn. continue to fight the good fight, here comes The Light.

            • Poetic Dan

              Now that's a way to keep up the rhyme! As a peasant of the Queen, I do agree ;)

            • Michael Edwards

              sad times - great write.

              • Poetic Dan

                Sad for wrong reasons, we do it to ourselves.

                Always appreciate your time my friend

              • Dove

                Have you tried powered milks, or watering it down! It’s sad how people hoard things! I think they were saying to freeze milk so it would last longer!

                • Poetic Dan

                  Yes we do, it's just used for trips or when out to long. Now she is 6 months, she had broccoli for lunch.
                  More a first world problem really, but my wife has helped people find milk for others( anti Flux) as there is none.. We are also lucky that we are doing mostly cloth nappies!

                  Lucky we also looking for better ways, before times got bad... O there's goes another poem, thanks for the inspiration.

                  Stay safe!
                  Much peace and respect

                • Goldfinch60

                  Respect for all is no longer part of our lives for so many people. Yes those who have want more for completely selfish reasons.
                  When I went round the Supermarket a few days ago to do my regular shop I did get more that usual, I got a four litre carton of milk instead of a two litre one - a friend was going to be with me for a few days. In going round though I couldn't stop laughing at all the empty shelves - "Nowt so queer as folk".
                  Good write Dan, all will be well and our lives may hopefully learn from this time.


                  • Poetic Dan

                    Yes respect that was never there anyway my friend! I'm learning many things but sadly it's going to take all of our savings... I need to start selling overpriced good, good time to be a shop owner but not a dog business owner...

                    Always appreciate your time my friend

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