Prayer for Peter

Tune: Winchester New

('Ride on, ride on in majesty')

Luke 22 v.31-34 & v.61-62


Jesus did say to Simon {Peter} true

Satan has desired to have you

That he may sift you as wheat, make

Your faith fail and to it forsake


But I have prayed for you, so be

That your faith does not fail in me

And when you have turned again, you

Strengthen then my people anew


Lord, he replied, I am willing

And ready to leave everything

To go with you into prison

And unto death, too said each one


Each one of the disciples there

Who did in the Last Supper share

But Jesus said to Peter, see

This not the way that it shall be


For I tell you, the cockerel

Shall not crow before, I well know

Before you shall thrice have denied

That you have known me, so replied


At Jesus' arrest it was so

Peter denied Him, He did know

Cockerel crowd, Peter recalled

The Lord's words, and wept bitter all




  • Joe Dawson

    Many will know that feeling, and whether one is drawn to religion of not, there is much in the bible still relevant and still able to make the world a better place. Good work. Joe

    • orchidee

      Thanks Joe.

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      but jesus told him when you come back to me you will be more blessed

      • orchidee

        Yes - thanks Ron. They all denied Him in a way, it says so. The Scriptures give more details of how Peter denied Him.

        • ron parrish aka wordman

          i guess we all do one way or another

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        • Goldfinch60

          I certainly deny him now. Good write though Orchi.


          • orchidee

            Thanks Gold. Or are you just unsure now? Agnostic?

            • Goldfinch60

              OH I am sure, when I dismissed christianity in my life a weight flew from my mind.


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