Good People.

In our lives we meet many people,

Most of them are good,

Some are bad.

Then there are the best people,

Those who come into your life

And make you see the sun

Where once there was darkness.

They believe in you,

Believe in you so much

That you believe in yourself as well.

These are the ones who love you,

Love you for being you.

They are so rare,

They are there maybe only once,

Only once in your lifetime,

But they will always be there,

Be there for you.


  • dusk arising

    This is so true. I don't have much social contact, i don't seem to need it, but there are some folk who are as close to me as they could ever be from the moment we begin talking even though we may not have conversed in months/years. I suppose that's what we call rapport.

    • Goldfinch60

      So true d a, I had a friend of many years who, however long we had not seen each other, would seem to pick up the conversation where we left off the last time we met, he died some years ago though. There are certainly a couple of others who now fit that bill, special people indeed.


    • orchidee

      Yes, and a good feeling if one says of us (or we overhear it!): 'He/she is a good man/woman'. And also if we ourselves say it of others.

      • Goldfinch60

        Very true Orchi, there are good people out there.


      • Neville

        How absolutely write you are sir....


        • Goldfinch60

          Thank you Neville, much appreciated.


        • Michael Edwards

          There are such wonderful people in this world who come into their own in a crisis. In our village a small group (growing in number by the day) has come to the assistance of those considered vulnerable and that includes me in my late 70s - they are arranging to deliver food parcels (we have one due today) collect meds and anything else that is required.

          • Goldfinch60

            So very true Michael, the best seems to come out in so many people in these times of crises.


          • thisismyidentity

            So meaningful and true. This left me with a pause to thank the universe for these good people and to be grateful for those I hold dearly. Thank you for sharing.

            • Goldfinch60

              Thank you for your kind words this.


            • Andrew Charles Forrest

              Here here Andy
              You inspired my ditty today
              Keep safe!

              • Goldfinch60

                Thank you Andrew, yo keep safe as well.


              • Joe Dawson

                I think one might say without fear of contradiction that we are all at our best in a crisis, we have an invisible bond that regardless of faith, colour, or creed, is unbreakable. We all feel for each other, in light of, your pain is my pain. Joe

                • Goldfinch60

                  So true Joe, that bond strengthens in bad times.


                • Claudelle DeLuna

                  Beautiful words & true, Andy
                  my hat always off to the people
                  that have & continue to cross my
                  path with good intention....
                  Stay safe, Sir

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Thank you Claudelle, yes, those people must be treasured in our life.


                  • ANGELA & BRIAN

                    ANGELA HERE - Good Evening Uncle Andy - Weve been out with our Tambourines - Making a joyful noise for thr NHS and getting to know our New Neighbours who are all Good People. Rather than being divisive CORVID 19 is bringing people together - well within six feet. We ar all pleased BORIS is out of ICU and will soon be back @ the HELM. We like the New Labour Leader ! JC was too far left for the 21st Century ! Loved the video and the pathos in the Song *UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA*

                    A secret tear - From her eye did spring
                    And she somehow - seemed to envy
                    Those carefre Country Girls
                    But why should I go on looking
                    She loves Me - YES - she loves Me
                    M*AMA - SI - M*AMA

                    The Italian is so so beautiful & so similar to SPANISH !
                    Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
                    Love Angela & Brian šŸ’›šŸ’›šŸ’›šŸ’›šŸ’›

                  • Fay Slimm

                    People differ and some make all the difference to our outlook on life.... in this crises many caring souls have made themselves known and we will treasure their efforts. for years to come.

                    • Goldfinch60

                      So true Fay, those people will and should never be forgotten.


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