Michael Edwards






Dismiss self belief

sway with the breeze

you’re only a bud

in a forest of trees.


  • orchidee

    And yet I suppose if there were no buds at all, there would be no trees. That reminds me to go see them woods again, near-ish to home!
    You know Buddy Berles?!

    • Michael Edwards

      Don't know Buddy but do know Shoota - it's all so confusing.

    • The Uneducated O.A.P

      I was in a forest of trees
      In a very strong breeze
      It blew off a large bud
      That hit me with a thud
      Great start to the week Michael, Bill

      • Michael Edwards

        Didn't mean it to be a deoressing write in these troubled times but the last two lines came to me and just had to weave them into a shortie.

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          And nicely done too

        • dusk arising

          Superb! So much punch in this piece.

          Straight into my favourites.

          Great picture of your creations too, wasn't sure whether the foreground one is a breaching whale or a boat though.... picture is tiny today.

          • Michael Edwards

            thanks so much your duskiness - it's a boat but for some reason the photo wont load in full size.

          • ron parrish aka wordman

            then we would simply blow away,but maybe we do

            • Michael Edwards

              All the time - it's my age...! 😊

            • Fay Slimm.

              Oh how true these few words Michael

            • Goldfinch60

              So very true Michael.


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