Fay Slimm.





Tree Towns.


No powerful ruler resides in their midst.
No outlaw corrupts their peaceful aura.

Though surrounded by noise of submission
to chaos and police control no wars
exist in settled tree-tethered kingdoms.

Voices of ownership will flaunt no issue in
tree towns where weather owns
the only important and permanent role.


Weakly offspring find special care among
tree-population, they get cool places of shade
in summer and in winter's raw cold
shawls of dry warming leaves.

Though some saplings wither despite more
gifts of root-feed others will heal
by constant awareness and therefore thrive.

Some of their number fall to be shaped
into fences or chalets, chairs or dining tables,
and some become tiny matches for strikes
yet none will complain.


Others remain to grow mighty in years,
sheltering life and spreading root nutrition to all
they silently phrase secrets of life.

Words such as hate are not needed by trees
in their country of freedom to be assistants
yet towers of special self-presence.

Respecters of other yet mansions of service
tree-towns, unlike ours, believe in kind handling
and trust in contentment's valued results.


Long live the access to non-speak

wisdom found in all towns of trees.


  • dusk arising

    Blissful, amazing, wonderful writing. I share your reverie for these beautiful living creations.
    I was thrilled to read your post today. Mind you i am a lover of woodland, a place where we humans are the intruder.... i tread respectfully and feel the wonder. Maybe i leave with something of wisdom.

    An absolute must for my favourites.

  • Fay Slimm.

    Your comments are supportively kind D.A. and thank you for favouriting my humble tribute to the magnificence of Tree Towns.

  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Thak you Orchi.

    • Alan .S. Jeeves

      I love poems like this Fay. I can read them over and over again. I have a file full, by many authors, on the computer.
      Kipling's 'Way Through The Woods' is still top of the tree for me.

      Ex animo, Alan

      • Fay Slimm.

        So pleased you like the idea I tried to verse Alan - that woodland trees take care of each other by protection methods from germination to old age - - and we truly wish that humanity would do the same --- - thank you for the lovely comment.

      • FredPeyer

        Beautifully said, Fay. I still remember driving on my motorcycle on the 'Avenue of the Giants' , the famous road through the redwoods in Humboltd county in Northern California. Google 'Avenue of the Giants' and click on 'images'. They are awsome!

        • Fay Slimm.

          It would be something great to walk or ride through giant redwoods Fred -- thanks too for the suggestion to google the Avenue - - wow - - I was overawed by their size on seeing the images - they have done just the same in caring for each other as the smaller trees in any woodland - what a lesson eh for humans who live in any townships. Thanks a load for you read and comment.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          ANGELA HERE - Hi Fay thanks for sharing about TREES

          I think that I will never see
          A thing as lovely as a Tree !

          A weeping Willow by a lake is my FAVE. We have some lovely trees & bushes in our First garden. Acers - Birch - Beech - Appes & Pears & Fruit Bushes & A Yew Hedge @ the Bottom ! We also have a Woods close by with a Lake & A Willow. A matur OAK can be home to thousands of Creatures - AMEN !

          Blessings & Peace & Joy
          Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛

          • Fay Slimm.

            Many thanks Angela for your visit and read about tree living together in any woodland and their protective care for each other from germination to old age............. keep taking care to stay safe and well dear friend. ............... hugs from Fay

          • Goldfinch60

            Superb write Fay, it is so wonderful to walk with trees in such peaceful harmony.


            • Fay Slimm.

              I do agree Andy to walk among trees has a spiritual value for me.......... thank you kindly for your read and lovely comment on Tree Towns.

            • Neville

              woodland, forests, jungles even special places indeed.. provide sanctuary for some of us and hidey places for others.... their very fabric though under threat... for mans material desires.. if only we could harvest what we really needed and leave the rest to the birds n bees n those of us that need such places for our childrens childrens children...

              • Fay Slimm.

                I agree my friend - these "townships" of trees has some lessons for humans in protective care of their woodland domain - - if only we had sense enough to see what without speech they teach about collective assistance. - Thanking you ever so kindly for your generous comment on my few words about Tree-Towns. Hoping your weekend goes well for you Nev.

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